Kecksburg UFO incident

Kecksburg, 1965: Military experiments or UFOs?

Strange events that occurred in the small American town of Kecksburg in the state of Pennsylvania back in 1965, have not yet received any convincing explanation.  Analysis of the information provided by NASA about the strange events that occurred in Kecksburg in 1965, did not clarify anything but much aggravated.

Kecksburg UFO incident


On December 9, 1965, a blindingly bright car passed over the United States and Canada. It has been observed in at least six US states, as well as in the Canadian province of Ontario. Over Western Pennsylvania, the object caused a shock wave. The climax of the incident was connected with the small village of Kecksburg, fifty kilometers from the state capital of Pittsburgh - residents heard something crash into trees at high speed.

The first witness of "something" was a small boy who told his mother that he saw the landing of an object. The latter, seeing bluish smoke rising over the area of the fall, called the police and firefighters.

Further events are known only from the words of representatives of the local authorities, who managed to visit the site of the event before the arrival of the military and special services. The body that fell on the Cupcake, they said, was an acorn-shaped object the size of a small subcompact. The case was marked with inscriptions that closely resembled Egyptian hieroglyphs. The story ended with the arrival of many military personnel. They cordoned off the area, then took out the object on a trailer, after which they announced that "nothing could be found". Information about the "something" was classified by NASA.

The Kecksburg riddle has not been superseded by the new cosmic riddles that have accumulated over the past time. In 2002, the American journalist Leslie Kean began to seek disclosure of information about the incident. In 2007, referring to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), she forced NASA through the court to obtain consent to the publication of information about the incident and to do this, to search its archives for all information related to the incident - this NASA strongly opposed. The search, supervised by the courts, was completed in August 2009.

According to Space, the final document, titled "The Conclusion of the NASA Lawsuit-Concerning the Kecksburg, PA UFO case of 1965", was provided to the journalist. According to the journalist, there are no really sensational facts and documents in the report. But there are contradictions that give rise to new "provocative" questions.

Kecksburg UFO incident

The situation is aggravated by the fact that many documents about the incident, as it happens in NASA, were destroyed or safely lost. The connection of the incident in Kexburg with the NASA project "Project Moon Dust", in which the agency investigated space objects, including objects of unknown origin, was not clarified.

Information about the project has been preserved in the US State Department. From the analysis of the data collected so far, we can make a preliminary conclusion that the "something" from Kecksburg was not a Soviet spacecraft or another artificial celestial body of "non-American" origin. It remains to assume, the journalist believes, that we can talk either about a secret experiment of American structures or about an object of extraterrestrial origin.

Additional analysis of the main material

In this story, not everything is so clear. All the people, the newspapers and their headlines, even the reporter from the radio station, existed in reality. Journalist Leslie Keane, indeed, sued NASA. On this account, there is confirmation in the newspaper " The Charlotte Observer"

Kecksburg UFO incident

This case is also referred to in the book "Flying Saucers and Science" by Stanton T. Friedman.

Kecksburg UFO incident

And even the radio station WHJB, from which the reporter John Murphy came, exists in reality, and even a little-a lot since 1934. And don't pay attention to the phrase "First Air Date". There, although it is written that 1968, but it means an output on the FM band. Prior to this, the radio station broadcast on AM.

Kecksburg UFO incident

John Murphy was the subject of a Sci-Fi documentary.

But I was haunted by the most legendary newspaper article, which is posted to every article related to the Kexburg incident. A note that was based on the words of one boy who saw the object at the closest possible distance.

Kecksburg UFO incident

And why did it bother you? Because in the largest online newspaper archive, I could not find a similar issue for either 1965, 1966, or even 1967.


And here's what it turned out to be. The newspaper "Tribune-Review", although it existed earlier, had other names: "Greensburg Morning Review", "Greensburg Daily Tribune". Several editorial offices merged to form the Tribune-Review, and the first publication was published in 1992.

Kecksburg UFO incident

Do you want to know what the newspapers really wrote about the Kecksburg incident in 1965?

Kecksburg UFO incident

The February 1966 issue of Sky and Telescope wrote: "Nothing seems to have happened." And for good reason, he wrote so, in those years it was thought that the Soviet satellite "Cosmos" fell on the territory of the United States. But after investigations, this version was no longer considered and agreed that the falling object was a meteor.

In addition to the newspaper clippings, I managed to find a survey of eyewitnesses.

Kecksburg UFO incident reports of witnesses

Kecksburg UFO incident reports of witnesses

Kecksburg UFO incident reports of witnesses

You can save the reports to increase the size

Note, there is no hint of a bell, an acorn with hieroglyphs on the board.

So when was the news about the Kecksburg incident born?

Kecksburg UFO incident

The sensation about the incident was born from the words of the boy, but not in 1965, but 25 years later in the TV show "Unsolved Mysteries". And of course, the story was gaining popularity. The newspapers were churning out issues about the Kecksburg incident one by one.


Kecksburg UFO incident

In most cases, loud headlines are found in the ufo publications of the 90s, immediately after the interview of a 35-year-old "boy" who saw something 25 years ago, but not in the 60s.

I had to study a considerable amount of material: newspaper archives, population surveys, etc. I will try to summarize, but the result, I think, will upset readers.

Did I manage to expose something? In fact, we have that something falling in the vicinity of Kecksburg, indeed, was seen by local residents. This is evidenced by the survey of the population.

Was it a sensation in those years? Definitely not. Most just saw and thought they were watching the plane crash. Police and military reports state that they were unable to find anything. And the sensation that the UFO crashes was born much later.

The only thing that confused me in the whole story is the falsification of facts, allegedly journalists conducted an investigation in 1965, but it turns out that they did not. And of course, the development of the legend after the controversial TV show.

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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