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John Lennon admitted that he had seen a UFO in New York

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John Lennon admitted that he had seen a UFO in New York

As the leader of the Beatles rock band told, he encountered alien civilizations in 1973 after he and his wife decided to break off relations for a while. John's wife, Yoko Ono, has always had a bad temper. Sometimes, it was very difficult for the musician to withstand her antics. Another scandal ended in a temporary divorce — the couple decided to live separately for some time.


As you know, musicians are dissolute people and spoiled by attention. John almost immediately got himself a mistress, who worked as his assistant in parallel.

In Manhattan, John's penthouse is located, in which he and the above-described person spent time in 1973. At some point, the lovers decided to go out on the balcony to breathe in the fresh night air. Suddenly, they noticed a UFO hovering in the sky above the musician's house, which had been smoothly flying through the sky before. Most of all, the eyewitnesses were surprised by the fact that the aircraft of extraterrestrial origin was at an extremely short distance. Lennon was able not only to see its appearance but also to see the details of the device.

Frightened by what was happening, the singer hurried to call everyone in a row: the police, local media correspondents, journalists, and so on. As it turned out later, the police station, where Lennon called, received a large number of complaints that evening related to the same object in the sky. The musician sang about the UFO incident in the song "Nobody told me".

Shortly before Lennon's death, a rumor spread in the press that aliens allegedly visited him and handed him an egg-shaped product. The musician's wife knows about this case, but for some reason prefers to remain silent. Moreover, journalists ' questions about this case irritate her, so she answers them briefly and very sharply.

Many of John's friends said that after meeting Yoko, he began to believe in mysticism and the paranormal. His wife could easily cancel the musician's flight if it seemed to her that something would happen to the plane during the flight. Lennon was particularly fond of astronomy and horoscopes.

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