Joh. Casp. Funccii Liber de coloribus coeli: Flying Craft on Cover Art

Joh. Casp. Funccii Liber de coloribus coeli: not a UFO on the cover! Debunked

Not so long ago, an exciting book appeared on the web, on the cover of which flaunted a flying object resembling a UFO. Given the fact that the book was dated to the 18th century, there was a decent response in the UFO community.

Coloribus book flying saucer

The source of the sensation was the treatise "Liber De Coloribus Coeli, Accedit Oratio Inauguralis De Deo Mathematicorum Principe" by Johann Kaspar funk, published in the German city of Ulm (in the Latin language) in 1716. As reported by the Western media, the attention of a blogger by the name of reed Moore was drawn to the engraving, placed on the title page of said publication.

Super, the picture is impressive: from the storm clouds surrounded by lightning, a typical disk-shaped aircraft is approaching the Earth (for some reason, however, with the image of the sun on its surface). The archetype of the "flying saucer" that has developed in a modern man immediately pushes us to think about aliens.

Moreover, the followers of this idea did not fail to even develop the topic further, suggesting that the entire book by Johann funk is devoted to describing this Grand event-the observation of a classic UFO,

Before the appearance of which huge black clouds appeared in the sky, lightning flashed, the heavens burned, and then the heavens opened and a huge flying saucer appeared, enveloped in flames and lightning."

Well, it remains only to translate from Latin this precious testimony of the past and be impressed with the details from the lips of a contemporary. 

I translated about 100 pages from Latin. And I came to the conclusion, that the book has nothing to do with flying saucers. In order not to be unfounded, I give one of the quotes

but in opposite plate and paper ftanncis dneritiam and ruddy; Fedin is not a white equally perípicue the paper holes. Quodindico efle can serve, not only to be different from the yellowness whiteness and redness, and therefore this exemption from il- J easier to discern, | Paper rubra v. g. fangui- nea, indeed, a piece of paper is clearly opposite the fate of fuc tingebat white colors, but those details will not be diftin and so she offers to her. | paper cz- fewer still rules used to send beams, black almost none. - .. (6) When they put out leaves (epc atmofphzra, and black or czruleis previously was beginning to appear ru- Bra, post blonde, finally white. Hence this colō Rum variation? The same thing at the same time it remains in fol, the same aynofphzra, the same eye. Nothing has changed, and that the fol nearer and nearer to the nosaccedit, & copiofiores step rays atmofphzrz noftre pours. Of those necessary for many will come from this, fe- According opticz laws. difperguntur, and from here nonnifi with the shades of the beginning of the many, and, poftea fen- fim creícente the light; with no fewer eyes Ftror last arrived at. - Lex fequitur, those colors rovenire by the Rays with the shades of corn- hi nation & fpeciatr color. black, and the ex- pauciffimis, and upon several from the rays of the shadows of Rules, A little more & confequen- from the rays of the 'redness' three fewer shadows, yellow rays ad- . hither, many, and, white rays of the co- piofiffimis. In the same way, but the order of Inverie possible variations of colors called sub velperam.

P.62. Sectio Tertia

Page 62. Translate

But is this really the case? Wouldn't this approach to interpreting such historical monuments be too superficial? As it turned out, you don't even need to know Latin to solve this 1716 mystery. To do this, just be careful.

First, this image can be interpreted not as an invasion from the sky of a certain disk, but as a shield that protects a bird sitting on a rock from lightning bolts. Secondly, you need to pay attention to the inscriptions on the image, which contain a direct clue. Near the disk / shield is written:"Ps: 84. v. 12", which is a reference to the 12th verse of the 84th Psalm in the Psalms-one of the books of the old Testament. Accordingly, we take the Bible (in this case, the Bible of Martin Luther, who translated it into German) and look at the corresponding lines:

Denn Gott der Herr ist Sonne und Schild; der Herr gibt Gnade und Ehre. Er wird kein Gutes mangeln lassen den Frommen

Translated into English

it will read as follows:

For the Lord God is the sun and the shield. The Lord gives grace and glory; he does not deprive those who walk in integrity of good things

see Psalm 83, verse 12

The Latin inscription placed around the image of the bird can be translated as "merciful protector"


Thus, the motto encoded in this engraving refers to the biblical phrase "For the Lord God is the sun and shield". And in the picture we just see a shield with the image of the sun, protecting from lightning. That is, all this is nothing more than an allegorical illustration of lines from the Bible about the protection of God. Unfortunately, there is no sign of any aliens here.

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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