Jim Sparks and his encounter with reptilians

Jim Sparks and his encounter with reptilians

There are a lot of publications written about the fact that aliens periodically kidnap the inhabitants of the Earth. This does not surprise anyone anymore. But in the case described below, there is one small distinctive feature. Too interesting information was told to the kidnapped American Jim Sparks by an alien who was talking to him.

It happened on a May night in 1995. About half-past three in the morning, Jim Sparks, a landowner living in a small town in Northern California, woke up from a strange sound. Resembling a low-frequency buzzing, it gradually turned into a deafeningly loud howl. Jim realized with horror that it was as if he was paralyzed, and he could not move his arms or legs. His body rose above the bed and floated towards the wall, which was becoming transparent before his eyes. When Sparks realized that he was passing through the wall, he lost consciousness.

Jim came to himself when his body slowly sank into the territory of an abandoned amusement park. The fear has passed. He even liked the feeling of his body flying through the air.

When he landed, Sparks saw that not far from him were standing in a semicircle of humanoid creatures of high stature. There were about a dozen of them or a little more. And he lost consciousness again.


When Jim came to himself again, he found that the creatures were standing around him in a closed circle and all were looking at the one who was on his left. Apparently, he was the eldest. The creatures were about two meters tall, and the elder's face was covered by a glowing hologram depicting a human face.

The aliens entered into telepathic communication with Jim. And it seemed to him that all those standing were directing their thoughts to the elder.

Communicating with Sparks mentally, the senior alien said that their civilization has long been in contact with the governments of some countries and the leadership of law enforcement agencies. As a result, it was possible to reach certain agreements that are kept secret from the population, since, according to the leadership, most of the population is not ready to tell them the truth.

In particular, an agreement was reached with the governments of several countries to improve the environmental situation on the planet with the help of alien technologies provided to them, but they violated this agreement. That is why the aliens began to turn into ordinary people. According to the alien, the Earth's air, soil, and water are already so poisoned that several gaps have formed in the human food chain. The planet is overpopulated to a critical level. But there are other ways to provide the population with food and energy. And without causing damage to the environment. The governments of some countries are familiar with these technologies, but they do not take any action. At the end of the conversation, the alien said that the population of the Earth will receive more information shortly.

After the conversation was over, Jim asked the aliens to show him their real appearance. The aliens warned that their real appearance could scare Sparks, but he insisted on his own. Next to the aliens, a glowing spot of a greenish hue appeared in the air, which gradually became brighter and brighter. It highlighted the huge growth of creatures whose bodies were covered with powerful muscles. Their heads looked like snakes. They were representatives of the so-called reptoid civilization. The diamond-shaped eyes glowed with red pupils.

Sparks was well aware that if he independently began to trumpet to the whole world about what the aliens had told him, he would simply be put in a psychiatric hospital. That is why he turned to the American writer and journalist, ufologist Linda Moulton Howe for help. It was thanks to Linda that the story was widely publicized.

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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