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Jesse Long alien abduction - Stolen UFO to create hybrid children

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Jesse Long alien abduction

When many people deny the existence of extraterrestrials, despite the presence of such diverse evidence as photos, videos, government reports, thousands and thousands of other people in the United States and around the world talk about their horrific encounters with extraterrestrials.

When I was doing research to write my book, I met hundreds of people who had been abducted by aliens. But the story of one person, in particular, shocked me. His name is Jessy Long, and he claims to have been abducted multiple times since he was a child. The situations he describes are simply terrifying. If what Jessie says is true, then we all have a very amazing future ahead of us!

Whitley Strieber, author of Communion, says:

Jesse Long was first abducted in 1957 when he was five-five years old. They lived in a small town in Tennessee, and my brother John was with him. When they were playing with him, they saw a house in the shape of a hemisphere on a hill not far from the house. They saw a tall man with a rod in his hand, from which light came out, and they were paralyzed by it.

alien abduction

At this point, Jesse's conscious memory ends, but under hypnosis, he was able to tell what happened next. Then Jesse under hypnosis began to scream, and he was awful.

I was taken to the ship in one room and my brother in another. I was placed on a cold, flat table. My brother was taken to another room. They were doing something to my legs, they were stabbing them.


According to Jesse, the aliens placed an alien implant in his left shin, and it was in his body for all 34 years, until the operation was performed to remove this item. Laboratory tests have confirmed that the object made of glassy material is not of terrestrial origin, and has a strange surface. The little boy always had to lower his socks below this point because of the pain in his leg.

Jesse said he had experienced several abductions by alien life, and as he grew older, these abductions became more and more frightening.

Most of my abductions were similar, they would take me to the ship, take me down a corridor, and put me on a table. They immobilized me so I wouldn't kick and scream — I didn't want to be there. The experiments on the table involved removing my semen, which was the most traumatic experience that caused me the most problems. They made me connect with a female being.

Jesse says:

William Cone, professor, psychiatrist, notes that these people usually have serious problems later, it is difficult for them to have a normal relationship, they often say that they feel like strangers, it is difficult for them to have a permanent job, it is just difficult for them in life. It is necessary to tell these people that they are not strangers and that there are many other people who have also been abducted — it makes their situation easier and answers all their questions.

aliens abduction

Jesse was asked if people believed him when he told them about his experience, and he said that it was not his business to convince anyone or persuade them to believe him. It only depends on him to tell people about what he has experienced, if a person believes-well, if he does not believe — he does not care.

In 1990, something happened that gives an answer to the question of why these abductions occur. During a trip from California, near New Mexico, right off the highway, Jesse and his car were lifted onto the alien. "They took me up to the ship, placed me on a table, and showed me the baby, saying that it was my baby. There were nine children standing against the wall, and I knew they were my children. They were all looking at me. When I was lying on the table, all nine children came up to me, touched my hand, as if to say that they were all right."

If Jesse could meet his captors, he would like to ask them: "Why me and for what reason?"

We have thousands and thousands and thousands of examples of people coming up with these cases, not just from the US, but from all over the world.

David M. Jacobs, a professor of history at Temple University:

David M. Jacobs has published a book, The Threat, about getting hybrid children from a human-alien relationship. For Jacobs, stories like Jesse Long's are just the beginning. "I think we are seeing a catastrophic situation, I think we are in for a big disaster".

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