In 2011, three men and a child from New Zealand encountered an alien

In 2011, three men and a child from New Zealand encountered an alien

This incident occurred in 2011, but only recently hit the net. It happened on December 12 in the area of the Kaimai Ranges near the Bay of Plenty on the North Island in New Zealand. A group of three local hunters - John, Andrew, and Lewis (the latter's name has been changed), as well as Andrew's 12-year-old son (his name is not specified) were returning to their car after hunting in the thicket. They had one rifle and backpacks with things.

Alien abduction

Weird lights

It was cloudy weather with light rain and frost, but visibility was excellent. It was about 3 a.m. when the hunters stopped to rest on a bare hill and almost immediately noticed an unusual orange glow nearby, about 4 km away from them.

Since it was a fairly deserted area, at first they decided that it was the light from the lanterns of some other hunters, and then they began to observe how the light smoothly moves below the hill.

Soon it became clear to them that it was definitely not someone with a flashlight, but a much larger object. Now they began to put forward versions that somewhere there could be a car with powerful headlights or a motorcycle. However, the light began to move so chaotically that these versions also disappeared.

Then Andrew took the rifle and began to examine the object through the optical sight. He saw that the glowing object has an unusual triangular shape and that two more shining round objects are visible next to it. And just a couple of seconds after he examined them, the light disappeared, as if someone had pressed a switch.

However, another glow appeared, at the bottom of the hill they saw a lot of small orange lights, they were moving along the valley as if a string of cars were driving with their headlights on.

It was 4 am and 45 minutes away from the city. And they moved completely soundlessly, so we sat and tried to figure out what we were up against

says Lewis:

The group watched the orange lights for about twenty minutes with a growing sense of unease, which turned to alarm when they saw that the lights were rushing not just towards their hill, but in their direction.

triangular ufos new zealand

At that moment, they noticed that everything around them had become much darker, as if all the stars had gone out. At the same time, the wind subsided and the rain stopped, and all animal sounds, even the screams of owls, disappeared.

It seemed very creepy to people and they decided to hide behind the crest of the hill to see if the lights would disappear, but then changed their mind and decided to continue their way down to their car.

It was a hasty eight-minute descent down to an overgrown track, along which it was necessary to walk 3 km before reaching the country road where their car was parked. When the hunters were at the track, they saw that an orange glowing object was moving just a couple of hundred meters away from them, slowly floating over the field.

As he got closer, the hunters realized that he was much larger in size than they initially thought and looked like. that he is deliberately moving towards them, that he is chasing them. In an attempt to explain everything for the last time with logical reasons, people thought that maybe it was some kind of aircraft, like a drone.

Red scanning beam

The hunters hid in the bushes from the UFO and by that time they were already in a state of panic, realizing that it was still not a drone or a helicopter, but something incomprehensible. Andrew's son was especially scared, who constantly asked his father what kind of glowing ball it was and why he was chasing them.

Then John saw a dim orange glow behind the trees to their left and now it was only about 80 meters away from them. All four of them now smelled a peculiar unpleasant smell in the air, which John described as the smell of rotten eggs, and Lewis compared it to the smell of burnt pork.

Then the light disappeared as if it had gone out, and then reappeared behind the trees and now he was very close to the hunters, at a distance of only 15 meters. The light from it was so bright that it illuminated the trees and the path well. John was startled to see a U-shaped bright red streak of light moving among the trees ahead of the orange glow. According to him, it looked like an orange object turned on a scanning beam to find people in the forest. He says the beam looked like a big red scanner from supermarkets that scans barcodes.

John urged his friends to hurry so that the scanner would not catch up with them and they continued to run along the track. They were very scared, constantly stumbling and falling, bumping into each other, and periodically turning around and inspecting their group to check if everything was in place.

Then the light "went out" again. By that time, the group had reached the halfway point, being about 1.5 km from the top of the hill where they first saw the light. They didn't use their flashlight to light the way, fearing it would draw attention to them.

The guys and I were approaching the road and focused on getting there as fast as possible. It was pitch dark, the wind was blowing a little, and when the glow faded again, it began to rain again. But we didn't feel safe. We all had an uneasy feeling that something was wrong

says John:

The hunters walked another 100 meters or so, reaching the place where the fields of the local farm began. To their right was a steep bank overgrown with bushes.

Close approach

Then they again saw an orange light behind the bushes with a red "scanning" beam. He was about 60 meters away from them.

We thought, what the hell is this? And in a split second, he was right at the fence line just 5 meters away from us!

says John:

The hunters were stunned by the speed with which the light approached them and stopped dead in their tracks. The orange light immediately dimmed and now it became clear that it was a cone-shaped aircraft with no visible windows. In size, it was as tall as a car garage, as the hunters described it.

He hovered low above the ground. The surface appeared to be metallic and highly reflective, and John could remember how the surrounding trees reflected on its surface, giving it a dark green appearance. The upper part of the ship was flat, and large clear colored lights- orange-red, green, blue, yellow, and white-were located on the object, blinking randomly.

UFO sightings New zealand

Andrew remembered that the lights were arranged in tiers. Around the bottom of the ship were several small orange lights and two large, extremely bright white spotlights, similar to car headlights. The ship didn't make a sound while hovering near the group, but the red light thread made a ticking sound as it moved in front of the ship, and then the ship moved forward.

I said to the guys, do you see what I see? I could hear them panting right behind me and we were just looking at it! He stayed there for a good 10 seconds, then the red (scanning) light went out and everything changed!


The ship moved along the fence line, and after a few meters the light went out again. At that moment, John reported that he felt unusually calm and relaxed — a rather inappropriate reaction to the unfolding dramatic event. The three other witnesses felt fear and concern for their safety, but also relief that the object had moved away from them.

They all noticed for the second time that while the ship was nearby, the rain and wind stopped, and the birds and wild animals fell silent, which Lewis called surreal and scary.

But their relief was short-lived when a couple of seconds later the ship reappeared about 150 meters away from them, turned right, and began steadily moving towards the group, now making noise "like a vacuum cleaner" and effectively blocking their escape route.

Halfway there, he stood up for a moment and was silent before moving at speed towards the group again.

Terrified, John, Lewis, and Andrew's son rushed to the right into the bushes, pressing almost close to the shore, Lewis hugged Andrew's son to protect him. Meanwhile, Andrew hesitated, throwing his gun to the ground and pulling out his mobile phone, and when he also ran to the bushes, he stumbled and a UFO blocked his path.

alien encounter

I looked at him as he approached. I remember seeing colored lights, but I was almost blinded by the white light. I wanted to run to my friends, but then he would have noticed me and I would have betrayed them. Then I shouted at them to sit there and not move. They were going crazy, and I thought what he would do. Will it attack me? will it take all of us?

Andrew says:

The red light scanning thread started working again with a clicking sound and Andrew was afraid that he might come into contact with this beam. John tilted his head forward to see what was going on there, but could only see the flashing lights.

The boy, believing that his father was in danger, shouted to his father that he loved him. Andrew turned to his son for a moment, and when he looked back at the ship, its lights went out, and a split second later it appeared about 350 meters from the country road, lights on again, moving slowly over the fence. Immediately, the wildlife resumed the usual night cries, and it began to rain.

Encounter with an alien

The group got together and decided that they had only about 250 meters left to run to the road to get to their car. When they ran past the place where the UFO hovered, they again felt an unpleasant smell.m Then the ship crossed the field and disappeared. Andrew's son began to cry due to severe stress as the hunters walked briskly to the car. The next moment, a new glowing object appeared above the field. It had an elongated vertically white glow and looked like a rugby ball. He slowly went down about 8-10 meters from John to his left.

We all stopped to look at it. I remember we were in a panic. The gun was on my shoulder, and when I turned to the guys, I buried my gun in them. It was lucky that it was on the safety. Everyone said: "Look! Look!", my son pulled me, cried, and said: "Dad, let's get out of here," and I took him further down the road. I left the other two guys standing there

Andrew says:

We saw the glow ahead swaying slightly and when it got closer, it turned out that it was a humanoid figure moving. It went to John and Lewis, being only 4 meters away from them. John turned on his flashlight and they examined the figure. The head of the figure was covered by light, so it was impossible to see the features of his face, but it was clear that the head was rectangular and long with dark spots or shadows in place of the cheeks.

alien sightings

The figure appeared to be without clothes, with pale grayish-white skin covered with gray spots and pink shadows, like a mass of blood vessels, around the ribs, shoulders, and chin. Only his head, arms, and torso were clearly visible from the level of his stomach upwards, since his lower body and legs were hidden by low bushes.

The creature began to move its upper body and head from side to side, up and down, probably trying to see people. Lewis stood still, afraid to provoke the creature, but John was inexplicably drawn to him, and he began to climb over the fence to get a better look at him. Fearing for his safety, Lewis pulled John back, and they ran down the road after the others. On the way, John stopped to shine a spotlight through a gap in the hedge, and the entity was still standing there, looking in their direction.

By the time the group approached the car and shone the flashlight towards the fence again, the entity was no longer visible. All four witnesses sat in the car with the doors locked for a while, trying to make sense of what they had experienced, and asked each other to confirm some aspects of the meeting. Then they went into shock and Andrew started the car and drove out of the area at high speed – and, as John said, "Everyone turned their heads looking back."

Reaction to the alien encounter

All three adult witnesses were able to describe similar details, but also separately focused on certain aspects. During an interview with the New Zealand ufological group UFOCUS NZ, they showed signs of post-traumatic stress: excessive arousal, reliving, and forms of denial or disconnection, referring to both the object and the entity as "it". They talked about comforting each other throughout the incident and repeatedly asked each other to confirm that what they saw was real. Everyone reported their fear and panic during the experience and during the interview, they had signs of nervousness, stress, and fear when describing the events.

The men talked about trying to understand what was happening at that time, rationalizing their own worldview, trying to cling to logical points of view in order to maintain some control over the situation. Later ufologists UFOCUS NZ arrived at the place where the incident occurred, and, unfortunately, did not find any unusual traces on the grass, proving the presence of a UFO or an alien. This could partly be explained by the fact that from the moment of the incident until their arrival, this place was heavily trampled by local farmers and their animals.

John and Andrew separately agreed to visit this place again together with ufologists, but Lewis refused to visit it in the dark, promising to come here sometime in the afternoon.

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