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A coded alien message. Contact 1993

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A coded alien message. Contact 1993

It happened in the summer of 1993. This year, Sergei Murokh, an old friend of Leonid Bartlov, flew to Minsk by plane from the United States. They went to see Leonid's wife, who worked as a teacher at the art faculty, and took the students to practice in the Ushachsky district of the Minsk region (Belorussia).

A coded alien message. Contact 1993

Here was the most ordinary campsite and, I want to emphasize this in particular, there was no question of any "abnormal zone". All the unusual things that were here were mounds that looked picturesque against the background of the lake. But, what else do students need for inspiration like these types?

Leonid and Sergey arrived in the evening and learned that the students still have classes and they were offered to rest before dinner. The friends got a large tent under an apple tree, in which the cooks had lived before them, but they had already "moved out". The new occupants of the tent soon nodded off and fell asleep.

Suddenly, through his eyelids, Leonid saw a light, opened his eyes, and did not believe them. The light was directly on the front wall of the tent, and it grew more and more in size and turned into a kind of "screen". At first, it seemed to Leonid that someone was walking with a flashlight and shining directly at their tent, but suddenly he realized that he was getting cold, and his arms and legs were no longer obeying him. I wanted to wake Sergey up and ask: "Seryoga, what is there, who is shining there?". And it turned out something like: "Eu-eu-eu". Sergey also mumbled something in response.

Suddenly, a kind of "grid" with a cell of about 2 by 2 cm appeared on the skin of the tent. It looked like it was made of tungsten thread, but whether it was luminous or not, I couldn't remember. The "grid" separated from the wall of the tent and began to move towards the paralyzed witness, and then, against the background of the "screen", some symbols began to appear.

A coded alien message. Contact 1993

Moreover, the grid, after its appearance, passed through the body of the stupefied Leonid, who called it a kind of "scanning". As the mesh passed through his body, he noticed a slight tingling sensation, as if from acupuncture. The rows of symbols alternated with the new appearance of the grid.

I explain what I felt: the symbol, the grid passed; the symbol, the grid passed. Their group. Then there were whole chains, rulers, you know? One, and then their group goes, two.

This is how we look at this one when we check our vision. One, and then one – group… These characters were "like the Japanese alphabet", against the background of the white screen, on the counter-image, they seemed black.

Some of these icons the eyewitness roughly remembered and even drew some, but after so many years, of course, it is impossible to demand any full compliance.

At that moment, some of the symbols were clear, but after that I couldn't remember anything. Consciousness was clear, but for some time there was complete immobility. Then suddenly everything was gone – the "screen", the symbols, and the grid.

Leonid Bartlov:

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