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In 1974, off the coast of Cuba, a Soviet submarine encountered an unexplained phenomenon

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In 1974, off the coast of Cuba, a Soviet submarine collided with USO

In 1974, off the coast of Cuba, Soviet troops encountered the unknown. The sailors and officers first recorded on the radar two objects that followed at the same speed as the submarine of the USSR. It turned out that the Soviet apparatus was accompanied by something.

At first, the commander tried to calm the sailors and officers. But, the situation was heating up, the objects began to show incredible characteristics - they moved, dramatically changing the trajectory and depth. They could be on the right side and a second later over or under the submarine.

USO 1974

This happened for about 7 minutes. Then the unknown troublemakers disappeared from the radar, but as soon as the submarine continued its course, they again appeared and continued their "dance". Retired Major General, former KGB officer Valery Malevanny had the honor to communicate with a participant in those events. According to him, there was a moment when it seemed that an unidentified underwater object was about to collide with a submarine. Literally, a few centimeters remained before the collision and the device disappeared, and then formed on the other side of the side.

Valery Malevanny believes that there may be a highly technologically advanced civilization in the ocean. Very often, sailors from all fleets of the world told about meetings with such devices. The so-called Quakers are underwater objects, most often disk-shaped. They have technologies that are unacceptable to people. Teleportation, sudden immersion, invisibility, scanning, and reading information – all this is only a small part of what these unknown devices can afford.

In 1974, off the coast of Cuba, a Soviet submarine encountered an unexplained phenomenon

As for the incident of 1974, according to the story of Valery Malevannogo, there was a certain contact. The devices made a gurgling, croaking sound, after which it was as if a wave was rushing in different directions. Inside the submarine, it was felt only slightly – a slight vibration of objects. It is quite possible, according to the former Major General, that the Quakers analyzed the technical capabilities of the Earth machine.

Vladimir Georgievich Azhazha is another former military man, a submariner. I have repeatedly encountered similar phenomena. He is the author of many books and works on the study of this phenomenon. According to him, the ocean has long been inhabited by a parallel developing civilization. And in the last 100-150 years, according to eyewitnesses, these objects are also seen in freshwater bodies, for example in Lakes Michigan, Baikal, Ontario, Maracaibo, rivers of South America and Africa, subglacial lakes of Antarctica.

It is believed that there are no aliens and time travelers on our planet. Then who has reached this level of development? Official science recognizes this phenomenon but does not give a clear answer. At the same time, ufologists are at least trying to classify Quakers. The most intelligible versions: a parallel terrestrial civilization or an alien one. In any case, the presence of Quakers is an indisputable fact. It remains a small matter – to reveal their nature.

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