Reptiloids versus Humanity

Reptilian aliens versus humanity

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In the early 90s, a “weighty” book was published in the West — "The Biggest Secret". Its author, David Icke, claims that a race of human reptiles has been living on Earth for a very long time next to people, who set out to capture the planet and enslave humanity. And the last few decades, according to Ike “ "intelligent lizards" are close to realizing their black plans.

Below are excerpts from the famous interview of D. Icke to the American magazine repeatedly appeared in print publications of different countries.

Автор: Stefano Maffei - David Icke, CC BY-SA 2.0

Автор: Stefano Maffei - David Icke, CC BY-SA 2.0

My research has shown, and this is explained in detail in the book, that if you go back far enough in the past, you will find there are many such races that are intertwined with humanity. There is one specific group that is still active in the physical world. This is a race of reptiles — those whom we call "Anunnaki" (according to Sumerian tablets).

And I'm not alone in this. Dr. D. A. Horn wrote the book " Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins” and conducted the same research that I conducted on the basis of a huge amount of ancient and modern evidence indicating that this connection with reptiles stretches through millennia to the present day.

From the mountains of the Caucasus and the area that we call Sumer and Babylon, these ancestral lines came out. There was a crossing between the human race and this reptilian group (later all this migrated to Egypt, then to Rome and London). Hybrids became demigods-intermediaries between the gods and humanity, snake kings.

Around 2200 BC, something called the Royal Court of the Dragon was formed in Egypt. It has quite a lot of power today, 4000 years later, and is located in England, which, in my opinion, is the epicenter of world control — the epicenter of the network. The “reptile-human " hybrids were at various times the rulers of both the Near and the Middle East, and eventually became the aristocracy and royal families of Europe.

Anunnaki bag found on countless stone sculptures

Now there is only one royal family, the rest were destroyed during coups and revolutions, or removed from real power for other reasons. At least one royal family has a different name. The Windsors are one of these lines.

The main temporary point of expansion is 1689, when the Dutchman William of Orange, with whom every living royal family in Europe is related, was placed on the throne of England.

The” managers " of the branches (in the “controlled territories” on both sides of the Atlantic and in other lands) organize work in their families and in each of the countries in accordance with the program: the Rockefellers in America, the Openheimers in South Africa…

If you study the genealogy of American presidents, you will be amazed. All presidential elections since George Washington in 1789 have been won by the most "pure-blooded" candidates, and the standard is European Royal Blood. Of the 42 presidents who preceded Bill Clinton, 33 were genetically related to two people-Alfred the Great, King of England, and Charlemagne, the monarch who ruled in the territory of modern France. 19 of them had family ties with King Edward III of England, a relative of Prince Charles. And the same applies to all key positions of power, everywhere — the same tribe!


Whether it's a family of bankers in America or some other. For example, George Bush and Barbara Bush come from the same bloodline-the Pearce line (they used to be called Percy), one of the aristocratic families of Britain, which is thriving to this day. George Bush is a relative of Charlemagne and Alfred the Great, as well as Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The idea that anyone can become president is simply not true.

If you go back two generations, according to research, you can see:

Prescot Bush was a member of the Skull and Crossbones Society at Yale University and was involved in various political maneuvers. In the next generation, you will see George, who was trained from birth and brought up as a holder of power. He became the head of the CIA, vice president and president. He led the Republican Party during the Watergate hearings. He was the UN ambassador and unofficial ambassador to China. All these positions are key.

In addition, Jed Bush became the governor of the state of Florida.

According to Burke's Peerage, even according to the official genealogy, B. Clinton is genetically related to the House of Windsor, as well as to every Scottish monarch, King Henry III of England and Robert I-King of France. Clinton also comes from the Rockefeller family one generation ago, which is a clear explanation of why the so-called “street boy from Arkansas” received a Rod scholarship to Oxford University, which is given only to a select few. At a very early age, Clinton became the governor of Arkansas, which everyone considers the Rockefeller state. Then he became President of the United States.

In May 1998, I met 12 different people from different circles (ranging from businessmen working in Swiss banks to television workers) who told me the same thing: they see how people who are mostly in power turn into reptiles right before their eyes, and then back into people again. How can I explain this?

There are some frequency fields in which it is much more difficult for them to hold the human form. I think that people's consciousness briefly switches to this energy from time to time. And then people see the reptiles through their third-dimensional outfit.

In Vancouver, a female businessman approached me. She had an affair with a man who, right during sex, changed his image from human to reptilian. Can you imagine her shock? And the flow of stories does not stop. There are quite a lot of eyewitnesses of transformations.


In the book “The Transformation of America " by c. O'Brien, an episode is described as J. Bush said that they are an extraterrestrial civilization that has taken over the planet, and no one notices it. He also said that they came from deep space. C. O'Brien writes that she has seen many American politicians turn into reptiles. Among them is George Bush. She also talks about Miguel de la Madrid, the president of Mexico in the 80s. He told her about the race of iguanas and also turned into this very iguana.

Then a young man called me at my office and said “ " Can you explain to me why people like Bush, Kissinger or Gorbachev turn into reptiles when I see them on TV?” And I thought: "Yes, I know why."

What we call the New Order World is the reptilian plane. They want to create chaos in the world, including extensive wars in their program, i.e. the structure of the world government, the world central bank, the world currency, the electronic banking system, the lack of cash, the population with an implanted microchip, and the world army, which is NATO.

They plan to create incredible chaos, using the most powerful mind manipulation techniques for the whole world, which I call problem-reaction-solution. You create a problem, get a reaction from the population “something needs to be done” and then offer a solution that you wanted to introduce initially. If you need to apply worldwide solutions, you need to create worldwide problems. I foresee the offensive in close-up.

The question is also that the vibration of our planet is increasing, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for those who can change their shape to remain in the form of a person. These reptiles are simply obsessed with putting their institutions of control and introducing microchips into people. They know that the vibration of the planet will reach such a speed at which it will be simply impossible to keep the human form, no matter what is done.

That's when we will finally see that our planet is ruled by reptiles. They won't be able to hide anymore. But by this time, there is a lot to do, and first of all, to form a world army (read — NATO) and zombie people. A person's control over his life on Earth is impossible!".

The truth is that we are being manipulated

Frankly speaking, information about reptiles could be treated with distrust, but there is a sufficient amount of evidence in favor of the fact that the world is ruled by a group of related persons.

The structure of world control is a pyramid within a pyramid. Like nesting dolls: one doll is inside another. Whatever organization you look at, you will see that it is built according to the principle of the pyramid. Those at the lower levels of the pyramid often have no idea what the entire organization as a whole is doing. They do their own work and return home every day, not knowing how what they do connects with the work of others, and grows into something sinister. Only a few at the very top are aware.

In this way, several people can manage thousands in an organization in order to implement a plan that those thousands do not even know exists. This is a global scheme, according to which billions of people are managed.

And yet about reptiles... It is difficult, of course, to believe in the very possibility of the existence of “Inhumans”, but something is really happening in our world, and it is completely unusual and not quite clear, almost like in fiction.

Ike's interview sheds light on many things. And the most important thing that Ike has achieved is that the world has thought about it. Supporters of his point of view seriously model the World of the New Order.

Atlanteans still dreamed of conquering the world. And even in Plato's "Dialogues", Blavatsky's "Secret Doctrine", " Atlantis” Donlli and " Silmari-lyon” Tolkien does not directly talk about “dragon kings”, but all the trends are obvious: anyone who can “read between the lines” will easily find parallels with Ike's theses.

No one has yet managed to convincingly refute Ike. Despite the fact that he is criticized viciously, very much and often.

But Icke is not alone. Many authoritative personalities express similar thoughts. Recently, the number of publications “inline” with this topic has increased rapidly. Such literary activity and harassment on the part of the “politically correct”, passionately pleasing the “authorities”, testifies in favor of the correctness of the chosen direction. In general, not only ancient legends are reported about snake people, dragon kings, etc., modern authors also write about them (for example, L. Carter “Tongor Black Hawk”, R. Howard “Bran Mac Morn” and many others) and make films (“Conan the Barbarian”, “Strangers among us”, “Arrival”). And this art is very much in demand! Do you remember how much noise the films “Strangers among us” and “Arrival” made? And it is not surprising, because there is no smoke without fire.

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