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Idaho UFO with Occupants

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Idaho UFO with Occupants

On the evening of December 8, 1967, in Idaho Falls, 15-year-old Marilyn Wilding went out on the porch to see if anyone would pass by to chat with.

It was about 19:40, already quite dark, cold, and foggy, with snow on the ground. Marilyn's attention was caught by a light that reflected off the snow-covered ground. The light source was quite large and was located above the roof, which partially obscured it. Going down to the yard, the girl saw a large bright glowing object. UFO hung above the ground near the house. It was so bright that it was impossible to distinguish any colors against it. The object was rounded, "about the size of a car."

Idaho UFO with occupants

Marilyn told the NICAP researcher that she was so close to the object that it seemed like she could throw a rock at it. As she stood and watched, it turned and tilted, so that she could see that it had a transparent dome at the top. In this dome, two figures could be distinguished, but the glare made it impossible to see the details.

She ran into the house and called her younger sister to look at all this, but she was barefoot and did not come out. Then Marilyn returned to the courtyard and saw that the object, being at the same height, began to rotate clockwise, swaying slightly. Then it flew away to the north, where its lights became less bright and turned orange.

The way the UFO flew away was seen from the house by the younger brother and sister of Marilyn, who called them to look. My parents weren't home at the time. In her testimony, Marilyn noted that the Schuldt family living in the neighborhood was also witnesses to everything.

Idaho UFO with occupants 1967

The object did not fly closer than 100 meters, it was hanging about 20 meters from the ground. It lasted about three minutes.

In addition to the mass of details that are similar to the details of another case told 8 years earlier by Mrs. Moreland, Ms. Wilding's story can be compared to the case in Ryrie, Idaho, which occurred less than a month earlier. In general, the six previously documented UFO sightings have one thing in common: there were creatures inside or near the object. Five of these six cases occurred in the 1950s.

We can not say that all the reports mentioned creatures in or on the object, on the contrary-there is quite a lot of evidence when abductions took place far from UFOs, or strange non-humanoid creatures were encountered in situations where it was difficult to connect them with UFOs. All such cases were recorded since 1964, sometimes the stories were very strange as if someone specifically tested the degree of our credulity. However, these stories should not be ignored just because they do not fit into what we expect from stories about "aliens".

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