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I was abducted by reptilians

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I was abducted by reptilians

One Briton told the story of what happened to him when he was abducted by "reptilian" aliens and taken aboard their UFO. Philip Kinsella claims that in 1989 he had a meeting with aliens, he was woken up in the middle of the night before being lifted into the air by their UFO. He said that then they tied him with a belt to the bed and started probing him. The twin brother of the abducted man, who lived near Bedfordshire at the time, suggested that the incident occurred at night after Philip returned home from work. However, Philip said that the horrifying incident happened just after he went to bed. He described being woken up and pulled towards the object before he lost consciousness, the Daily Star reported.

Speaking on the Coast to Coast podcast, he described a bright light appearing in the early evening, and his twin brother Ronald fell into a "trance". "The next thing I remember is that I ended up in some kind of medical bay. It was a little cloudy, it was very hot. And I was naked. When I turned to the right, there was what I can only describe as - as funny as it may sound - three reptiles who were not communicating, but were in a thick fog. I was completely horrified, especially when I discovered that some kind of device was placed in the lower part of my body."

I was completely stunned and started screaming because I wanted them to take it out of me. I just wanted this thing to come out of me because it seemed organic. These beings, whoever they were, had no compassion, no love, no sense of empathy.

He continued:

The next day I had physical traces of the "inspection". My brother found three triangular marks behind my right ear, three marks on my right arm, and I also had profuse nosebleeds from my right nostril, which stopped after two years." Ironically, this was not the first time a Kinsella family member had allegedly been subjected to an alleged alien abduction. Philip's twin brother Ronald also claimed to have had an extraterrestrial encounter when he was allegedly abducted a few years earlier in 1982.

He continued:

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