What was the outcome of the investigation into the mysterious death of a miner who was abducted by aliens 40 years ago?

How did the investigation into the mysterious death of an alien abducted miner 40 years ago end?

An English farmer just left home to shop in 1980. His incomprehensible death is still being discussed.

In 1980, at the beginning of the fourth evening, 56-year-old miner Zigmund Adamski came out of his house in the village of Tingley (England), greeted his neighbors, and said that he was going to the grocery store. The usual thing. Only on this day, no one else saw the man. The miner's body was discovered by chance five days later under very strange circumstances.

Zigmund was found on a pile of coal by a local worker who came to load up with fuel. Adamski was lying dressed in a suit, but without a shirt, watch, and wallet, and with his shoes tied. At the same time, part of Zigmund's head was strangely shorn, and he himself was shaved as if five days had not passed. In addition, the body was burned in places by some kind of mucus.


Constable Alan Godfrey, who was called to the scene of death, said that although the miner was lying on a pile of coal, he himself was not soiled in it. As if something "put it there". Also, neither he nor the experts could explain the origin of the mucus that left burns on the body of the deceased, writes the Daily Star. Even aliens were attributed to the incident. But later Constable Godfrey indirectly confirmed this version.

Zigmund Adamski

Five months after the incident, while investigating another case, Godfrey provided his superiors with a report that he had seen a UFO in about the same place. Under hypnosis, the policeman said that he was subjected to alien experiments, which made him famous all over the world, although he was soon dismissed from the police. However, he did not stay out of work but began to perform at various events.


The death of the miner immediately began to be associated with the experiments of guests from outer space. In addition to the police, ufologists took up the case. They found that there was a "time-lapse" of 15 minutes in the constable's story, which could not be explained by anything other than alien abduction. This means that they may also be involved in the mysterious death of the miner.

Now Alan says that he regrets his words about UFOs, and assures that he just retold his dream. "My children already had a hard time from the fact that their dad is a policeman. And a policeman who has seen aliens, even more so," says the constable.

What could have caused the miner's strange death? The answer, oddly enough, could be found by the same British ufologists. Unlike the police, they found out that Sigmund had a conflict with one of the family members shortly before the incident, who had recently returned to his home. In their opinion, the strange incident was a cunningly disguised murder. However, the official police do not take their conclusions into account, and the case has not yet been solved.

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