How aliens are described in the Bible

How aliens are described in the Bible

We wants to outline some points right away. In no case do we question the sacredness of the events described in the Bible. Moreover, we are convinced that what is described really happened. The purpose of this article is to look at those events through the eyes of a modern person and take into account modern knowledge and visions. If someone does not want to understand this, we recommend not reading further.

Among ufologists, they are sure that the Bible in many places, directly or indirectly tells about the meeting of humanity with guests from other worlds. In fact, the interpretation of some canonical texts can be twofold, which is what pseudoscientists use. However, there are also direct instructions that simply cannot be perceived otherwise: chariots of fire, visions, nuclear weapons — what if our ancestors really described encounters with intelligent beings, not from this world?

Jacob's Ladder

The biblical story about Jacob, who saw a ladder from heaven, in itself already resembles some kind of plot from a mystical TV channel. Judge for yourself: in a dream, a strange structure descends to Jacob, next to which there are twelve fiery creatures. Who could it be? In the classical sense, we can observe a technical device with astronauts of this device. Any unknown device could be mistaken for the wings of angels. However, we will not linger on this case for a long time. Since, in fairness, it is worth noting that Jacob's vision came in a dream. But... wait, most cases of encounters with aliens in the modern world also occur when a person is asleep. We will leave the question open.

Jacobs ladder

By O. A. Stemler and Bess Bruce Cleveland - Standard Bible Story Readers, Book , Public Domain,

The Burning Bush

The Burning Bush — in the Pentateuch: a burning, but not burning, thorn bush, in which God appeared to Moses, herding sheep in the desert near Mount Sinai. When Moses went to the bush to see "why the bush burns with fire but does not burn" (Exodus 3:2), God called to him from the burning bush, calling on him to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt to the Promised land. A very strange way of communication. It is important to understand here that there could be distortions in the translation. And maybe he didn't see a bush, but classic burning spheres that are like a ball of lightning. Here we are no longer talking about sleep. And about the direct instructions that came. But from whom? From a highly developed civilization that monitors events and moderates them, or from aliens?

Moses and the burning bush

For the sake of objectivity, we will add the attempts of modern scientists to explain what Moses saw. And it sounds like this: the physical effect of St. Elmo's fires is assumed, the chemical effect of low-temperature cold fire as a glow, and not the actual fire (flame). Another version is related to the fact that if you bring fire to a plant on a hot day, the air around the inflorescences will flare up brightly for a couple of seconds, with a distinct pop, but the plant itself will not light up. The phenomenon is explained by the large number of essential oils secreted by flowers and fruits.

But these official explanations do not answer the main question - where did the instructions come from:)

The Flaming Chariot

A long time ago, around 622 BC, a boy was born in the family of a clergyman, who was named Ezekiel. At a relatively young age, he became a priest in the temple of God the Father in Jerusalem.

At that time, the Jewish ruler decided to rebel against the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar. But he failed to get the desired independence – Jerusalem fell, and the rebel was executed. As a moral compensation, Nebuchadnezzar ordered 10,000 slaves to be taken to Babylon, among whom was Ezekiel.

After five years of captivity, the thirty-year-old Ezekiel became an eyewitness to an unprecedented event both for those times and for these. Suddenly the heavens opened, and in a gust of strong wind, in clouds of smoke and fire, God's chariot descended to the ground. From above it was a hemisphere, and from below it rested on straight metal legs with feet like a Taurus. And strange creatures came out of it, resembling the appearance of man and animals at the same time. Each had four faces and four wings.

Having carefully studied the descriptions of the chariot and the aliens, an expert from NASA, Joseph Blumrich outlined his assumptions in the book "The Spaceships of Ezekiel". He believes that this is nothing more than a reconnaissance shuttle of a spacecraft in orbit. According to Ezekiel's rather detailed descriptions, an engineer from NASA calculated the proportions of the aircraft and the actual technical characteristics.

But let's return to the events of the past. What happened next can only be compared to the plot of a science fiction film.

Spaceships of Ezekil

Finding Ezekiel scared to death, the aliens did not hesitate to declare their will to him. The messenger of God, or rather an alien, dressed in shiny clothes "in the form of copper", gave him a great mission – to go to the "house of Israel" and tell people about future events.

He called Ezekiel the son of man, which means that he was not a man himself. And his copper vestments could well turn out to be a shiny spacesuit.

Ezekiel was warned that the prophet in his homeland is unlikely to be appreciated, people will not believe him, but you need to tell them again and again what awaits them. And if they don't listen, then roughly punish. To do this, Ezekiel will need to shave his hair, divide it into three equal parts. Chop one finely, burn the second, and scatter the third to the wind. And at the same moment, punishment will fall on the disobedient Jews – some of them will burn in the fire, others will be hacked with swords, and others will scatter around the world.

Ezekiel was provided with a small army consisting of chariots and cherubs to help him. That is, they sent combat robots with him, who mercilessly punished the apostates.

Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

Sodom and Gomorrah are first mentioned in the Bible as the southeastern tip of Canaan east of Gaza (Gen. 10:19). Abraham's nephew Lot settled in the land of Sodom, and the land of Sodom is designated as the east bank of the Jordan River, opposite Hebron (Gen. 10:11-12). Ezekiel states that Jerusalem is bordered on one side by Samaria, and on the other (from the south or southeast) by Sodom (Ezek. 16:46). The book of Genesis says that on the eve of the destruction of cities, Abraham received the Lord, who appeared to him in the form of three men at the oak grove of Mamre. Learning of the impending punishment, Abraham, who had a nephew Lot who settled in Sodom, asked the Lord to spare the cities for the sake of the righteous who might be there, and received a promise that these cities would be pardoned if there were at least ten righteous people in them (Gen. 18:23-33).

The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, John Martin, 1852.

The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, John Martin, 1852.

The Bible goes on to say that the angels directed Lot and his family to escape to the mountain, but Lot objected to them and offered to flee to the small town of Zoar, located closer to the mountain. God agreed to Lot's proposal and promised not to destroy this city "to please" him (Gen. 19:15-23). Immediately after Lot and his family fled, fire and brimstone poured down from heaven, and everything was burned. God told them not to look back at what was happening to the cities, but Lot's wife disobeyed the prohibition, looked back, and turned into a pillar of salt (Gen. 19:24-26).

However, Lot was afraid to live in Zoar, so he left the city and began to live in a cave with his daughters. The daughters left without husbands decided to get their father drunk and copulate with him in order to give birth to descendants from him and restore their tribe.

In our opinion, the use of nuclear missile weapons is quite obvious. Remember the instructions for actions during a nuclear strike? You can't look at the explosion, you need to close all the open areas, preferably hide in the basement. And where did Lot go to live? That's right, into the cave. It's very similar to waiting out radiation. But who were these strange visitors? Aliens? The rulers of that ancient world? Whoever they are, the use of highly developed technologies is quite obvious.

Ascension of Elijah the Prophet

The Sumerians talked about Divine Birds and painted rockets; the Egyptians composed hymns to the Heavenly Boats of the gods and also depicted them. The Old Testament tells of "whirlwinds". The Prophet Ezekiel walked along the bank of the Khabur River (see map) and observed the following picture (as described in the first chapter of the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel):

And I saw, and behold, a stormy wind was coming from the north, a great cloud and a swirling fire, and a radiance around it, and from the middle of it, as it were, the light of a flame from the middle of the fire…

The chariot he saw rested on four projections, which were equipped with wheels that allowed him to move in any direction, and also had a rim of "eyes". This description made me think of rounded objects with protrusions and "eyes" that were depicted in frescoes discovered by archaeologists in the town of Tel Hassul in Jordan.

UFO sightings

Three centuries before Ezekiel, the prophet Elijah not only saw the Heavenly Chariot but was lifted up to heaven in it. As described in the second chapter of the Fourth Book of Kings:

... suddenly a chariot of fire and horses of fire appeared... and Elijah rushed into heaven in a whirlwind.

In this case, no detailed descriptions of the chariot are given - we are only given to understand that it appeared in the sky, descended low enough to pick up Elijah, and then soared up again and disappeared from view. Elisha, Elijah's disciple, and heir observed all this.

However, we have at our disposal an accurate description of the place where all this happened. The prophet, accompanied by Elisha and other disciples, was on his way from Judea to the east, towards the Jordan River - everyone knew that the Lord should take Elijah to heaven. When they reached Jericho, Elijah asked the disciples to stay in the city, but they did not listen to him. Approaching the Jordan River, Elijah said that he had to cross it alone. Everyone stopped, and only Elisha insisted on staying with the teacher. They crossed the river and went on, and then a chariot of fire appeared and took Elijah.

Thus, the meeting with the chariot of fire took place on the east bank of the Jordan River opposite Jericho, and not far from the river itself, since Elisha crossed to the opposite bank in the same place shortly after the ascension of the teacher.

In fact, in our time such an event would not be called "ascension", but "alien abduction".

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