How a Swedish beekeeper met aliens and got rich

How a Swedish beekeeper met aliens and got rich

This incredible story is for some reason almost unknown outside of Sweden, and it is one of the most amazing in ufology. The witness not only saw the aliens but with the help of their technologies created his own business.

Encounters with UFOs and their crews occur regularly around the world and in a variety of forms. Our story begins late in the evening on May 18, 1946, when 28-year-old hockey player and beekeeper Gösta Carlsson was walking through the Kronoskogen forest (Sweden), returning from Skelderviken Beach, where he went to watch birds. The man walked through the dark, peaceful forest, listening to the chirping of crickets. As he reached the top of the hill, he suddenly noticed streaks of bright light not far away behind the trees.

 How a Swedish beekeeper met aliens

This seemed weird to him, as he did not expect to see other people in this wilderness at such a late hour, so he went in that direction and soon came out into the clearing. In the center of the clearing was a brightly lit disc-shaped object that at first appeared to the Gresta... a carousel.  After all, he had never seen a UFO before, and even in those years, even the term "flying saucer" had not yet been invented and stories about strange flying objects had not yet been published in the media. Less than a year has passed since the end of the Second World War, and the only known flying machines were then considered planes and airships, and helicopters were just being developed.

How a Swedish beekeeper met aliens

At the top of the object was an oval cabin with a diameter of about eight meters, it had oval windows with an interval of 1 meter and about 30 cm in height. While I was looking at this structure, I thought that someone was trying to make fun of me, but then I thought that maybe this object was built by German pilots and they were trying to escape from a prisoner of war camp on it. But deep down, I believed it was something else.

On top of the cockpit was something thick like a periscope about four meters high. It was the source of the bright purple light that had caught my attention. The light, following a strange curved path, gently enveloped the entire object and pulsed slightly, like water in a fountain. The air smelled strongly of ozone.

There were no joints or rivets anywhere on the hull, the cabin and the hull seemed to be created as a whole. The startled Swede stood for a while and looked at this object, and then noticed a humanoid figure nearby. The stranger was dressed in a white skin-tight suit with no clasps, black shoes, and a belt, and a sort of photo accessory hung around his neck. Then, suddenly, it appeared that there were many humanoid figures of men and women in the clearing next to this disk. They all had blond hair and looked like typical Swedes or Norwegians.

Gesta Karlsson (in the hat) with the band in the Same clearing (1972)

Gesta Karlsson (in the hat) with the band in the Same clearing (1972)

I saw three men near the windows of the ship, they were busy with some work inside. Then three girls appeared in front of me, all equally dressed in one-piece white suits with identical shoes and belts. Each of them had a long, transparent hood pulled back around their necks. It was strange to see how they all looked at me as if I were an uninvited guest. I felt like a wild animal in a circle of light, a technique used by safari hunters in Africa.

Then a dark-haired girl came down the stairs from the ship. She had a bag in her hand, and then she started handing out cups to all the other men and women. They began to give up all their work and began to drink from these cups. As I was about to approach them, one of the men, who seemed to be acting as a guard, blocked my path, raising his hand as a stop sign. Everyone around me was looking at me with serious faces. Then I stepped back and everyone went back to their work and no one was looking at me. I felt a little depressed

Here's what he says:

Then Carlsson decided that he had spent enough time here and walked away from the clearing. As he walked through the forest, he got the impression that he was seeing a big hallucination. He went back to the beach where he had come from, sat on the beach for a while, and then saw a bright red light from the direction of the hill.

At first I thought it was the moon rising, but then I realized it wasn't. Slowly and majestically, the heavy object rose up, and now I could clearly see that it was a flying ship. It made a sound like a vacuum cleaner engine. Higher and higher it rose in a crown of red light, and at an altitude of 400-500 meters, it slowed down and began to sway. I noticed that its large periscope antenna had been removed and that its landing pylons had also been removed.

It was foggy, but I could see clearly. Then the disk tilted, the red light became brighter, and then began to pulse violently-blinking, turning into a purple light. Three times he repeated this sequence and then disappeared into the sky over Engelholm. I stayed in the dunes on the shore, shocked by what I saw

Here's what he says:

Carlsson then returned home, and as soon as it was light, he went back into the forest to the same clearing. He found the grass there badly trampled and burnt, with footprints from the supports, and two more mugs from which the ship's crew had drunk. There was still a fragrant yellowish liquid in them. He also found a gold ring and a transparent crystal rod with symbols engraved on it, very similar to the Scandinavian runes.

the Scandinavian runes

In the following years, he repeatedly showed these items to other people but did not allow anyone to examine them closely and never gave them away for any analysis. He also claimed that he returned to this clearing with a device measuring radiation, and there it  "showed high indicators". In the 1970s, put up a kind of monument to the UFO that he saw in the clearing. This happened after he told his story to journalists in 1971 and it appeared in Swedish newspapers. This monument stands here to this day. It depicts a disk on supports with a large antenna on top.

ufo monument

But this is not the end of Karlsson's story, it only becomes more interesting. In the 1970s, Gösta Carlsson suddenly became the director of the rich pharmaceutical companies Cernelle and Allergon, and, as he himself stated, the drugs in them were created on the basis of the alien healing drink that Karlsson found in the cups left by the aliens.

But this is not the end of Carlsson's story, it only becomes more interesting. In the 1970s, Gösta Carlsson suddenly became the director of the rich pharmaceutical companies Cernelle and Allergon, and, as he himself stated, the drugs in them were created on the basis of the alien healing drink that Carlsson found in the cups left by the aliens.

Great buisnessman

Allegedly, these drugs slowed down aging, and therefore all the aliens he saw looked very young. Karlsson also stated that the aliens allegedly solved all their life problems, turned their planet into a Paradise, and live on average from 400 to 600 years. Where he got this information is not known.

In the 1990s, Karlsson worked closely with ufologist Klas Swann and in 1995 published his book entitled "The Meeting in the Glade". At the same time, although Carlsson and Svahn became close friends and communicated a lot, the ufologist could not help but notice that there are many incomprehensible moments in Carlsson's story as if the eyewitness deliberately hid something or distorted it.

UFO in Sweden

So, he never normally showed Swann and his team his artifacts, only briefly and without giving them into his hands. He also did not allow Svahn to dig into his personal archive, look at his medical records and other details. When Carlsson grew old and moved into a nursing home, all of his archives and artifacts from his home were immediately moved to another home.  In 2003, Carlsson died of a stroke and took all his secrets to his grave. And so far, his documents with artifacts have not been found.

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