Halo - light pillars.

Halo - light pillars. Not alien rays

Those who live in cool regions. Mystical pillars of light rushing into the sky excite the minds of millions. We figure it out together

Halo - light pillars. 

General information

In winter, when the air temperature drops to -20C, you can see the appearance of horizontal columns of light in the sky. They are formed after sunset or before sunrise when the Sun is on the horizon. For the appearance of this amazing atmospheric phenomenon, there must be high humidity and cold weather.

An interesting fact: people have long believed that this natural phenomenon has a divine origin, many supernatural signs have been attributed to it. One of the legends said that a person who saw this phenomenon on the horizon line would become powerful and rich, the heavenly bodies would give him their patronage. In some parts of the world, people still believe that the appearance of such phenomena, which occur under the influence of light and are observed in the cold season, promises an increase in frosts.

Light Pillars

With the development of ufology, incredible facts began to appear that the pillars of light are formed by aliens who are watching us from their plates, approaching the earth. Often there were drawings and frames in videos, as a person with the help of a glowing column rises into a plate to the aliens, and then remembers nothing about it.

Physicists have dispelled all the myths about the origin of light pillars. It turned out that the appearance of such vertical light depends on the saturation of cirrus clouds and air with ice crystals. In frosty weather, crystals located close to the earth's surface reflect the light of the Moon, planets, stars, or the Sun. The reason for the formation of this unusual phenomenon can also be ordinary lanterns, car headlights, and spotlights.

Halo - light pillars.

Description of the phenomenon

Planets, constellations, and the Sun send rays to our planet, which, when they meet ice crystals in cold regions, are refracted, forming a luminous column.

A solar column can hardly be called a natural phenomenon, so much does it look like a vertical spotlight beam. The thickness of the column of light is usually equal to the diameter of the source that sent the beam to earth. The column is quite powerful and bright, inside it you can see how ice crystals shimmer, reflecting.

How do they arise

The ice crystals involved in the formation of this natural phenomenon have a flat hexagonal shape or represent a small column. A ray of light can be reflected from any face, so the location of the crystals plays an important role.

During the appearance of the halo, as the light column is also called, it can be seen that it not only has the same diameter as the light source forming it but also reflects its color. Quite often, in frosty weather, after leaving the city, you can observe halos rushing into the sky, of completely different colors. The lower the source, the brighter and richer the natural phenomenon.

The phenomenon, which is considered similar to solar pillars, is called ice needles. However, the needles reflect short streaks of light and their appearance does not last very long. The reason for the appearance of needles is the same — during winter frosty weather at low temperatures, ice crystals that have sunk to the ground reflect light falling on them from small sources. Even a pocket flashlight can cause the reflection of short sharp strips of light from ice crystals.

How do they arise

Artificial origin

Knowing the peculiarity of the formation of a light column, many residents of the northern regions of the planet have learned to create a beautiful glow. To get multi-colored halos of artificial origin, people specially decorate large-diameter lamps in different colors and place them at the same height. This phenomenon is called a "light forest" and it is very similar to the solar pillars formed when the beam is reflected from natural light sources - planets.

Most often, the appearance of a "light forest" is due to the presence of artificial light reflection sources. They can be street lights, light bulbs, car headlights. People have long known how to artificially create a light forest because this atmospheric phenomenon is surprisingly beautiful.

Artificial origin


The phenomenon, which is an optical effect that occurs due to the dispersion of light in ice crystals, is called a halo. Quite often in the cold season, you can see a glowing circle around the Sun or a street lamp – this is the halo. There are many varieties of halos: solar pillars and the "light forest" also belong to them.

The appearance of light pillars and halos is provided by frosty weather and humid air saturated with crystals of frozen water.

Sometimes the solar column is accompanied by another natural phenomenon - the parhelic circle. This is a light band that can be seen in the sky at the height of the Sun. It looks like a vicious circle surrounding the Sun.

The nature of our planet is amazingly diverse, it gives us amazing discoveries every day. Solar pillars are often equated with the northern lights, but the origin of these natural phenomena is completely different.

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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