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Friendly aliens and alleged UFO interior photography by Roberto Pinotti

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Friendly aliens and alleged UFO interior photography by Roberto Pinotti

The author is Dr. Roberto Pinotti, a sociologist at the University of Florence and founder of CUN, who is considered the leading expert on UFO sightings in Europe. In this capacity, he is a consultant for the Italian government and claims to have seen secret documents of the Ministry of Defense.

Presumably, this happened more than 60 years ago, when at least one government official witnessed the aliens and their spaceship, which was visited and photographed by two other people. According to a recent book about UFOs, it happened in Italy in October 1957, and although it is known in this country, there are photos that have never been published outside of Italy... still. Until I see it, I won't believe it?

Roberto Pinnoti

The book is called "UFO Contacts Italy: Volume One: 1907-1978" and is described as "a limited selection of some of the most impressive and interesting events from more than 12 thousand Italian UFO cases, which are available in the archives of the National Ufo Center (CUN - Centro Ufologico Nazionale), and occurred in Italy in the twentieth century."

CUN is a non-profit organization founded in 1966 to collect information about UFO and alien encounters. 

In the book, chapters are devoted to specific incidents (for example, "1936: Italian Air Force aircraft intercepts UFOs over the Tyrrhenian Sea"; "1951: CE3 with six UFO objects near Ferrara"), divided into time periods (1961-1964; 1957-1958; World War II, etc.). In addition to detailed reports, the book contains a number of cases with photographic evidence.

Photos of the interior of a UFO and its passenger

Pinotti claims that the photos were taken in October 1957 in Francavilla, when humanoid aliens began to regularly visit and communicate with local residents, starting in 1956.

Alien real photo

The photos were allegedly taken by two men who boarded a ship with a diameter of 24 meters at the invitation of one of the humanoid aliens, who wore dark glasses to protect his eyesight. Besides, he was kind enough to let me take his picture.

UFO sightings

The author also claims that the photographs first appeared in 1958 in a book by Alberto Perego called Sono Extrastri and have never been printed outside Italy.

inside UFO

Friendly aliens

Some ufologists call this story a "friendship case - a series of meetings with aliens in Pescara (Italy) and its surroundings, which took place from 1956 to the 1970s. It is named after the fact that these so-called guests from the stars came in peace and told the contactees that they wanted to "be friends with humanity."

The case was covered in a 2009 documentary that included photographs - although apparently not the ones in the book – and interviews with some of the alleged witnesses, many of whom allegedly belonged to Italian high society and some held government posts. After the release of Pinotti's book, some media outlets drew attention to this particular story and the blurry photo of the alleged alien - definitely as the most bizarre and attractive. However, the rest of the book looks quite interesting and promises at least a second volume with additional observations from 1978 to the present.

The problem of authenticity

UFO photos are very rare, but the claims that they were taken from inside one of them - with a cabin, seats, control panel and other objects - is something completely unique. Personally, I've never seen such images before and I'm not quite sure what to think about them.

said the famous British ufologist Philip Mantle.:

The best way to find out more about the origin of these photos is to make them public and that's exactly what was done. Thus, it is possible that other people will provide more information that can confirm the authenticity of these photos, or offer evidence proving that they are false.

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