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ELECTROBALLS - Is this the explanation for UFOs and the paranormal?

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ELECTROBALLS - Is this the explanation for UFOs and the paranormal?

It is known that the unclassified Project Condign, made by the MoD of UK to study UFOs, reported that they were real and surely they were a strange plasma phenomenon linked to ball lightning. Also said that the soviets and the chinese thought the same too.
Meanwhile, the Pentagon has recognized the simultaneous presence of other paranormal phenomena during UFO sightings like cattle mutilations, poltergeist phenomenon, weird sounds in the sky, spirits, cryptids, etc.

To explain all of these has been proposed the "electroballs" model, a natural phenomenon made of air / plasma with surprising properties.

Electroballs are formed by a ball of air, gas or plasma charged with static electricity, that does not explode due to electrostatic repulsion of its particles, because it is confined inside another mass of electrified air with the opposite charge.

elctroballs ufo sightings

Picture of a glowing electroball-ball lightning and direction of electric forces inside it.

Between them a layer of electrically neutralized air acts as an insulator thus a structure is formed that stores electric charge like a spherical capacitor. Sometimes there is a glow around the different layers produced by corona discharge.


There are different kinds of electroballs depending on the charge density, composition, glow... Among those without glow there are some lenticular clouds, “metallic" orbs (reflective), translucent clouds, and transparent electroballs. The diameter could go from inches to miles.

UFO sightings - electroballs and lenticular clouds

Transparent electroballs are invisible but they can be detected with thermal-IR cameras or night vision goggles. They are the most common and they are responsible of the Poltergeist and other paranormal phenomena. 

Electroballs glow if the inner ball is formed by plasma, incandescent material or shows a corona discharge like ball lightning or earthquake. It is possible that the light comes mainly from corona discharge without heat.

Video of an electroball over a Russian city:

When the core is formed by an object charged with electricity, such as an airplane or a ship, has been called electronic fog.

Electroballs ufo

If it is compact enough it could move underwater (USOs) or in the vacuum of space, like this planet-sized electroball next to the Sun, releasing plasma for 40 hours.

UFO sightings


Electroballs need a powerful source of electricity to be formed, like electric storms (ball lightning), piezoelectric effect from volcanic and seismic activity (earthquake lights) as well as the arrival of space plasma.
Plasma discharge from the Van Allen belts seems to be the main source, especially during full moon. Meteors vaporizing through charged layers of the atmosphere seem to be responsible of some of the strangest.



click to enlarge


They are formed by at least two layers. The inner is more compressed so its temperature and pressure will be higher.

Sometimes the air in the core leaks through the crust producing skyquakes: sounds like trumpets, jet engines or “whoosh” sounds, but also explosions if the electroball explodes like a balloon.
Sound example:

UFO sightings

The noise around can be dampened sometimes producing a weird silence near it and even suppressing the sonic boom if it goes at supersonic speed because the air reacts around it differently because it is charged and strongly attracted to the core.
As time passes, it discharges which causes the outer layer to break, releasing the pressurized content with an explosion or a jet of air or plasma directed generally towards the ground and sometimes producing skyquakes.
If the electroball is large the burst produces a sudden strong wind downwards called microburst, dangerous for aviation and even sink sailboats.

Video of a wet microburst:


It will react strongly to environmental electric fields and due to its low mass it can experience strong accelerations or remain weightless over a place.

UFO sightings

It is simultaneously attracted and repelled by environmental charges, being able to follow electrically charged objects at a constant distance, collide with them or be repelled by them depending on the balance of charges and the distance.
This can be verified with the following analogy with magnets in the following video, since the magnetic forces in the plane behave as the electrical forces.

Foo fighters are an example of how they keep the distance to an object.

Foo fighters


Some electroballs combined react like atoms forming molecule-like structures. Sometimes they share and stretch the external layer in such a way that the surface hides the electroballs inside making it difficult to understand.

UFO sightings

So it is possible that the typical flying saucer is formed by the combination of a big electroball with many little, like ball lightning, placed around it. 

UFO sightings electroballs

The little electroballs keep the position by their own balance of forces repelling each other but attracting and stretching the big one in the center at the same time. 


Electroballs are attracted to blood; may be breathing electrically charged air makes blood charged too but the mechanism is not clear yet. Probably it is attracted to hemoglobin. Chlorophyll and hemoglobin have shown to be attracted to them and they have resemblance.

It attracts spider webs (angel hair) and animals like livestock (cattle mutilation), fishes & frogs (fish rains) and people. Some abductions happen in this way. These electroballs were the gods of ancient times who took blood sacrifices on top of shrines and pyramids.

UFO sightings

This attraction to blood is responsible of many entities identified as vampires, chupacabra or demons. When electroballs get attached to a person it is identified as a "demonic possession". It happens during sleep too, including extreme sleep paralysis and sex assaults attributed to mysterious entities (incubus an succubus). These attacks on people often create hallucinations, by the intense electromagnetic field, and skin damage, like crawls on it.

If the energy in the electroball is extreme it could burn the person to ashes (spontaneous human combustion). Many cryptids can be explained by electroballs raising the animal in such a way that it looks walking on the rear legs like the werewolf or the minotaur.


Sometimes they could develop tentacles, by air leaks, or be covered with fibers and debris looking like an animal with coarse hair:

Electroballs ufo

Many other mythological creatures like angels, demons, gods, virgin apparitions among many others can be explained with this model quite well too.
Written by Miguel A. Galán, 23-june-2022, in Madrid, Spain.

More info about Electroballs :

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