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Flying saucers and national security implications. CIA document

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Flying saucers and national security implications. CIA document

This document raises the issue of the increased number of observations of flying saucers and other anomalous air phenomena. Attention is drawn to several aspects of the impact of this phenomenon on society. The ways of analyzing incoming information and the problems of identification are considered.

CIA report

The analysis of secondary data of this direction of the USSR is mentioned, it is also noted that with the level of technological development at the time of writing this document, the USSR has sufficient to recognize the facts of the presence of unexplained objects in the airspace.

It is proposed to study everything as thoroughly as possible. There are no particular cases of UFO sightings in this document, but it is quite obvious that already in 1952 the CIA was very carefully studying UFO-related issues.

As they say, what other evidence do you need, gentlemen skeptics?

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