Details of alien abductions based on about 100 analyzed cases

Details of alien abductions based on about 100 analyzed cases

For decades, the topic of alien abductions has remained relevant for researchers of anomalous phenomena. Ufologists recorded hundreds of stories from those who considered themselves the victim of kidnapping, often with many details: the place and method of abduction, the appearance of the kidnappers, the type of experiments conducted (operations, vivisections), and so on.

All these cases, of course, tried to somehow systematize in order to identify their similarities and differences. Russian ufologist Vladimir Azhazha cites impressive statistics of descriptions of abductions, created on the basis of the works of foreign researchers-ufologists John Mack, Dan Wright, and others.


Ufologists analyzed 317 documents (protocols of the testimony of the abductees, records during retrospective hypnosis). 27 men and 58 women were interviewed. In 10 cases, both sexes participated simultaneously. Only 95 cases. Some of the abducted subjects met with more than one alien creature and in different circumstances.

Place of abduction

In most cases, the place of abduction is the house (usually the bedroom).

  • 15 subjects named other places:
  • 10 of them were stolen from cars,
  • 6-from beach cabins or campsites.

The invisible presence

28 % of subjects felt the presence of aliens rather than saw them. This happened hours, minutes, or seconds before eye contact. In other cases, an invisible presence was felt among the different episodes, but there was no close contact, that is, contact of the 4th kind. Recognition manifested itself either as a tingling from electricity or a buzzing in the head or as tapping in the room. In some cases, the subject "just knew" that the aliens were present.

Types of transportation

Most people don't remember being taken to UFOs and brought back. 4 people remembered the small capsule in which they were placed. The most frequent, however, was levitation-movement without any devices, noted in 33 cases.

In 17 cases (mostly outside the home), the abductees were lifted into the air by a beam of light. In 20 cases, the subject was lifted out of bed and carried through closed windows, doors, walls, ceilings; the presence of light or beam was not seen by the abductee.

Place of abductions

Types of UFOs associated with kidnappings

Only 55 % of those abducted have ever observed an abnormal object (and at the time of the abduction, the figure is even less). In 31 cases, the abductees saw the following types of UFOs:

  • disc-shaped-22 people;
  • spherical-8;
  • cylindrical-6; 
  • rectangular-3;
  • oblong-3;
  • asymmetric-1;
  • conical-1.

The situation during vivisection on UFOs

The first thing the abductees often see is an oblong hall or tunnel. In 35 cases, this tunnel was quite long and winding. Then the abductees get into a room that resembles an operating room or a dentist's office.

  • The room is described in 29 cases as having a round or domed shape.
  • In 18 cases out of 31, it was dominated by white light;
  • in 11-gray (metallic);
  • in 3 - black walls.
  • 32 subjects reported poor lighting on board;
  • 25-a very bright room;
  • 13-semi-dark or completely dark.

A few of the subjects met with both options. The furniture of the room included variations of the usual objects for us.

  • Of the furniture, most often there were objects similar to kitchen shelves, computers, and screens;
  • 52 people saw tables (usually they are solid, smooth, narrow, on a single stand, sometimes raised high, lowered low, or have the shape of a reclining chair);
  • 17 — screens and displays;
  • 16 —computers;
  • 11 — chairs;
  • 10 — shelves and racks;
  • 10 — cabinets;
  •  6 — benches.


Devices likely intended for certain medical procedures (such as scanning the subject's body) are usually attached to a wall, mounted on a moving trolley, or hung from the ceiling. 46 subjects saw one or more devices.


A small object held in the hand (for example, a syringe with a needle) was described by 44 subjects. In 61% of all cases, both devices and instruments were present (medical intervention). The subjects did not have their joints twisted or probes inserted into the body (there are cases of penetration into the body with thin needles).

The movement of aliens.

In 31 cases, the aliens are constantly walking (in the house, on the ground, in a UFO); in 25 — "glide" or levitate; in 10 — the same aliens (alien) both walk and levitate. In 3 cases, a shuffling gait was observed, in 2-twitching movements with "sharp jerks".

The structure of the body

44 subjects testified to the body structure. In 33 cases, they were "thin", "fragile" creatures; in 10 - "muscular", "squat", "strong"; in 2 — creatures with a normal human build.

aliens abduction

Height and build

In 66 cases, the subjects reported the height of the kidnappers, but not with a high degree of probability, since often the observations were made from an uncomfortable position on a bed raised to an unknown height. However, in 57 cases, one type of alien was called a creature of "small" growth — from 3 to 4.5 feet (91.5—137.25 cm).

In 47 cases, a higher being was mentioned. In 10 cases, the "tall" type was mentioned-6-7 feet (183-213. 5 cm) tall.


Large eyes, almond-shaped, usually black color became the first of the description of creatures in the literature. But there are others. In 11 cases, the pupil was clearly visible, the iris surrounded by a white field; in the vertical pupil of the "cat's eyes". Eye color:

  • 35 cases-black or dark;
  • 4-green;
  • 3-blue;
  • 3-brown;
  • 2-golden.


20 of the 25 subjects reported that the aliens 'mouth was a thin line (slit), without lips, or said that the opening was very small; in 3 cases, the mouth looked like an "O"; 2 - there was no mouth.


In 30 cases out of 33, there was a slight elevation above the two small nostrils; in 5 cases, there was no nose; in 1, an ordinary "human" nose.


In 25 cases, the alien ears were mentioned; in 18-the ears were not visible; in 6-a a special-shaped protrusion with a lobe; in 3 — a depression on the side of the alien's head.

Alien Skin

A total of 14 skin types were observed. "Gray" (grey, grace) are overrepresented among the kidnapping.

  • 38 subjects met with gray or gray-white,
  • 19-with "white as chlorine",
  • 18-the skin of the creatures had a dark color,
  • 8-blue;
  • 7-green (in other words, the term "green man" is confirmed in a minimum of cases).
  • 13 cases-creatures with a luminous aura are described;
  • 5-creatures similar to shadows, almost intangible;
  • 6-the skin was "thin" and "translucent";
  • 17— "smooth", "plastic" skin, marked in low creatures as if working type;
  • 15-creatures with pronounced wrinkles (they were considered "old" and, apparently, significant figures).

13 subjects felt (more often during a medical examination) the alien touch as cool or cold (are these creatures warm-blooded by our standards?).


In 18 cases, the subjects noted a specific aroma that was not similar to the usual odors. Four of them could smell their own burnt hair or body, and six noticed an unpleasant smell coming from the aliens.

Alien Clothing

In 24 cases, it is said that the aliens who were on the UFO and looked like leaders, wore a "robe", "cloak" or "cape"; in 23-tight suits. In 14 cases, the aliens, those in the "secondary roles", were without clothes (it is possible that the tight-fitting light-colored suits could be mistaken for the skin of the aliens).

  • 21 times dark clothing without a certain color was noted;
  • 18 — white,
  • 6 — silver-shiny,
  • 4 — brown.
  • On clothes sometimes there were various stripes, 9 people saw some kind of emblem on tight-fitting suits.

types aliens


In 29 cases, a certain alien played a leading hierarchical role. Sometimes it was the one who led the "outside team" in the abduction, but more often it was the "doctor" on board the UFO who directed or performed the medical manipulations, or the "old one" who oversaw the entire process.

Observation and gazing

In 47 cases, the deliberate gazing of the subject on board a UFO is mentioned (ufologist David Jacobs describes the" gazing at point-blank range "of the subject as a procedure for "scanning consciousness"). The researchers tried to separate the two concepts of "point-blank stare" and "control and watchful eye of the sentry"; in 39 cases, the subjects felt stared at point-blank by a single being who was always among the "leaders"; in several cases, the subjects said that this was how their mental abilities were scanned. Most of the abductees did not like this experiment. In 7 cases, the subject was left alone in the UFO for a long time, but no one tried to escape.

Verbal communication

Two-thirds of the subjects in 95 cases report verbal communication with aliens (possibly telepathic). Some claim that they were spoken in perfect English; others had difficulty catching the meaning of the aliens ' thoughts and filled it in with nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. Sometimes the subject remembers a long conversation on various topics with a certain alien.

The content of the interviews with the kidnappers was mainly of three types: procedural, non-procedural, but relevant to the event, and post-event.

  • In 45 cases were simultaneously observed and procedural and non-procedural phrase;
  • 25 — only procedural phrases (with instructions) pertaining to the subject (typical command — "be quiet!", "calm down!", "feed the baby!");
  • 35 — non-procedural phrases and beliefs of the subject ("all is well", "we don't do anything bad to you", a little less "come with us," "stand here", "time to return", "now sleep»);
  • in 28 — post-event negotiations ("forget", "you can't tell" someone, or "remember" the meeting). Vaguely remembered and instructions to do something in the future (!).


A fifth of the subjects heard the distinct voices of the creatures when communicating with each other. In 6 cases, we heard whispers and speech like chirping (apparently, a language that lacked vowels); in 5-low-pitched sounds, consisting of either grunt or mutters. No one understood a single line made in the alien language, although many tried to do so.

Wordless communication

  • 37 people reported receiving instructions or other information in a non-linguistic form (images, gestures, demonstrations);
  • 28 cases — images (on the screen, or in holographic form, or projected into the subject's brain);
  • 4 — gestures (the creature stretched its arms up or pointed with a gesture that was understandable to the subject); and demonstrations of symbols.
  • During the display of images in 9 cases showed the image of the animal, more often — owl, or deer (especially often it shows children);
  • 12 — images of the Earth in the past or future, from dinosaurs to earthquakes, dying forests, and nuclear war (often it is shown aboard a UFO);
  • 10 — images of an extraterrestrial world (stony desert, the strange color of the sky, the whole planet or star system).

Demonstrations of something occur in the third part of all cases, including one or more tangible things shown to the subject at some point or when examining UFOs:

  • 17 subjects saw infant hybrids or incubators containing embryos in development (the most dramatic demonstration);
  • 12-hybrids of older children or adults.


In contrast to the opinion that aliens are devoid of any emotions, in 54 % of cases, there is a reaction (positive or negative) and behavior similar to that of a human.

  • In 12 cases, negative manifestations are noted (irritation or an argument with the subject or other aliens);
  • in 7 — fear;
  • in 2-frustration, sadness, threatening gestures;
  • in 1-violent behavior.

Positive emotions were expressed more often:

  • in 25 cases — caring, compassion, love;
  • in 23-friendly feelings;
  • in 8-humor, laughter or jokes,
  • in 6-satisfaction from the behavior of the subject.
  • 10 subjects noted the strict, emotionless behavior of the "manager".

Close relationships

Many subjects recognized their kidnappers (one of the kidnappers) from previous abductions. In 34 of the 95 cases, the subject recognized one or more aliens. In 10 cases, the subjects telepathically heard their own name spoken by the aliens. In 18 cases, the aliens told the subjects that they were "chosen" and were "special." The familiar creatures, the name heard, and the assurances of a special choice were combined in 44 cases.

The constraint of the abducted

61 % of the subjects are convinced that they felt some kind of stiffness, especially when they were lying on the table in the ship (according to indirect data, it can be assumed that the other subjects experienced the same effect). In 51 cases, some invisible force "paralyzed" people; in 22-there was an effect of complete or partial "numbness"; in 4-people were still tied to the table.

Altered consciousness

At some point during the abduction, the subject feels a change in consciousness. The 16 subjects spoke of "out-of-body" consciousness ("view, from the air", "out of my body", "jumped out"), which is not like the state into which a hypnotist puts a subject to awaken his memory.

Euthanasia (onboard a UFO, and more often before medical intervention) was used in 22 cases, and this was usually the last memory of the subject before returning (home, to bed, etc.). In 49 cases, the subjects felt states of "amazement", "embarrassment", "dazed" or "being in shock" for part or all of the episodes of the abduction.

Taking samples

12 subjects recalled that the aliens took tissue samples: scrapings from the ankles, arms, legs, and inside the mouth, cut off pieces of nails and hair; straight and round incisions were used to take a tissue. Others don't remember it.

Dizziness, nausea

20 subjects felt dizzy or nauseous during one of the abduction stages. More often, this was felt when levitating at the time of the abduction.


It is believed that severe pain is a common symptom of close contact, but in 58 % of cases, this was not mentioned.

In 40 cases, it did not pain in the whole body, but in separate parts of it:

  • 13 cases-the skull;
  • 7-the back, liver;
  • 5-the nose;
  • 5-the ear.

Local pain can mean implantation (insertion or removal of something). Many descriptions say that small objects were implanted into the body or, conversely, tissue was taken without causing any inconvenience to the subject.


Half of the subjects recall a number of moments related to the genitals (taking sperm from men and eggs from women, fetal removal, and moments of sexual orgasm). Of the 68 women, 43 recall gynecological procedures. Of the 37 men and boys, 7 recalled that an apparatus was placed on their genitals, after which there was immediate arousal (most of them did not enjoy this episode). In 13 cases, men and women recalled the orgasm with pleasure.


One-third of the subjects reported physical consequences: in 13 cases — nosebleeds; in 12-scars and cuts; in 6-headaches; in 4-recovery from previous illnesses.

Meetings with other abductees

In 30 cases, the abductees met one or two people on the UFO, who, judging by their clothing and behavior, were also abducted. Usually, there was no communication between them. Some believe they recognized individuals who had met in previous abductions.

Many ufologists who have studied these statistics believe that the phenomenon of abductions (more generally, the UFO phenomenon) is designed to constantly lead us, people, beyond the boundaries of reality.

And recording devices, and the data obtained as a result of retrogenes might mean another camouflage unknown intelligent forces disguised a mystery that leads away from a proper understanding of what is happening, understanding of the mission, which are aliens on Earth, stealing and returning people...

Vladimir Azhazha after studying this statistics writes:

P.S. It is important to understand that not all cases could be real, and this statistical calculation should be treated exactly like a general collection of information, and not as an exact data set. This is the analysis of messages without checking their truthP.S. It is important to understand that not all cases could be real, and this statistical calculation should be treated exactly like a general collection of information, and not as an exact data set. This is the analysis of messages without checking their truth

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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