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Weird spike on the surface of the Moon

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A weird rod on the surface of the Moon

Mark Sawalha, a home-based researcher living in Finland - UFO hunter, as he calls himself, discovered a strange thin object sticking out of its surface on the moon. The object is slightly curved by a kind of twig or hair. And it casts a shadow.

An unusual object was found on the moon by an enthusiastic researcher. Look what he found

"This is an antenna," Mark is sure, " the aliens have installed it over their base. And the base itself is located under the surface of the Moon-where there is a very flat plateau.

Mark found the "antenna" on one of the images that NASA's Lunar Orbiter - 1 (Lunar Orbiter 1) made a long time ago - back in 1966. The Americans launched it in order to make a detailed map of the Moon, which soon became very useful to them. Thanks to the obtained images, NASA chose the landing sites of subsequent manned expeditions.

The Lunar Orbiter, launched in August 1966, became the first American artificial satellite of the Moon. And the very first - in the sense of putting the device into lunar orbit - were we. Our Moon-10 has been rotating there since April 1966.

The images taken by Lunar Orbiter 1 are posted on the NASA website. Go in and personally make sure that the "antenna" is not painted, but really sticks out. However, to see it, you need to greatly enlarge the picture.

The "antenna" was discovered the other day. No reaction from NASA yet. But it is not excluded. The agency's specialists responded to another finding of virtual exoarchaeologists-enthusiasts, like Mark, who painstakingly study images from other planets, looking for oddities on them.

A weird rod on the surface of the Moon

Sofa experts often find various objects in the pictures. Is this finding evidence that there are representatives of an unearthly civilization on the moon? Maybe this is a technical object of aliens? Perhaps. But we, as researchers, should always have a certain skepticism, since the data that we receive for the second time could have been edited or drawn by NASA. This means that the original data may initially contain an error. Much more confidence in our UFO-AC group is caused by images taken by astronomers, even if they are amateur, but they are often real. We encourage each of you to check all the data and all the information that is offered to you. This is the only way we will know the truth!

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