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Costa Rica UFO sighting in 2007. Tarbaca UFO case

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Costa Rica UFO sighting in 2007. Tarbaca UFO case


Costa Rica has long been known for the fact that people observe UFOs there in the form of a flying saucer. You won't have to look for examples for a long time, it's enough to recall the well-known qualitatively recorded case of a flying saucer that got into the frame when shooting terrain from an airplane. Today's case occurred in November 2007, presumably on November 22, unfortunately, we cannot say more precisely due to the lack of input data. But from an interview with a local TV channel, we know that it was at 3 p.m. It happened in a place called Tarbaсa.

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Malvin Badilla was scouring the board when he suddenly heard a strange buzzing, not like the work of a drill. Raising his head. He saw a UFO in the shape of a flying saucer. Undeterred, he opened his Motorola phone and started shooting videos. In parallel, he started calling his colleague William Riviera. However, the colleague did not hear his call, because he was working with a drill and it drowned out his screams.

Malvin Badilla

Malvin Badilla

William later noted that Malvin was very excited. By the way, Mr. Badila made a mistake, being distracted by the search for other eyewitnesses, he scared off the UFO, and when the camera returned to its original position, the UFO decided to retreat.

Express analysis

According to an eyewitness, the UFO was at a distance of about 100 meters. If we watch the video carefully, we will be able to confirm this version. In addition, you can notice that the flying saucer rotates around its axis. At the time of shooting the video, the quadrocopters were not yet on sale.

flying saucer sightings

It is easy to notice chromatic aberrations on the image in the video - lens defects that appear at the joints of contrasting objects relative to each other. In the case when CGI is used, you will never see such a defect. Do not forget that the declared camera for filming is a Motorola Razr phone. Which corresponds to the picture itself and the defects that are inherent in this camera.

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In order to finally verify the authenticity of the object in the image, we will run additional image processing. Let's compare the horizontal stripes obtained as a result - if they differ, then the object in the image is an overlay, if not, then the object really exists.

UFO analysis

It is quite obvious that the object in the form of a flying saucer in the video was not added by computer technology, but filmed, as they say, in the field. How could it be possible to falsify what is happening? As a rule, they resort to the method of hanging an object on a fishing line. But in this case, it does not seem that this is the case. As the object moves around its axis, it turns over and flies away. This is hardly possible using a fishing line. And that's it for today, if you liked the article, don't forget to share it on social networks! Thank you for your attention. Read the Russian version of the article


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