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Conversation of UFO passengers with a farmer, 1964

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Conversation of UFO passengers with a farmer, 1964

On April 24, 1964, at about 10 a.m., farmer Gary Wilcox went out to his field in Newark Valley, New York, an area of about 100 hectares, and began to spread fertilizer. Suddenly, he saw something unusual among the trees and turned his tractor around.

At first, he thought it was the fuel tank of an airplane, but when he got closer, he realized that the "tank" was located at some distance from the ground, either on legs, or on something else similar, and it was oblong in shape, like an egg, about 5 meters long, about a meter high and 4.5 meters wide. Gary poked it, kicked it, and found out that it was made of metal, presumably aluminum. The surface is smooth, without rivets, and there was no vibration, no reaction at all, especially not unusual.

Conversation of UFO passengers

But then, from under this "egg", two people appeared, each a little more than a meter tall. Both of them had what looked like 30-by-30-centimeter metal boxes filled with grass, roots, soil, leaves, and twigs. The men were dressed in either white or silver suits, and no exposed skin was visible.

Wilcox later said that at first nothing surprised him, he thought that someone had decided to play a joke on him.

Don't worry, we've already spoken to humans.

These creatures allegedly addressed him first, saying something like

Their voices didn't sound like voices, it's hard to explain. I understood what they were saying, but I won't say it was English.

In a later report, Wilcox recalled

Then strangers began to ask him about what he does, asked him to explain what a tractor is, why to throw fertilizers, what these fertilizers are in general. Then it turned out that they themselves, as they themselves claimed, were "organic substances from Mars, where there are lots of rocks and nothing grows."

According to Wilcox, he answered their questions for almost two hours. All the while, he felt like he was being scrutinized.

Wilcox asked if he could go on a trip with the guests, but they declined the offer, explaining that their atmosphere was too thin for him. They also said that they avoid densely populated areas on the Ground because of car exhaust, which somehow does not affect their own vehicles (not themselves). It is better to be in clean air.

Conversation of UFO passengers with a farmer, 1964

Gradually, the strange creatures came within a few meters of Wilcox. They continued to ask about his work, and he explained to them in detail the method of fertilizing the soil. He said he could bring them a bag of fertilizer and give it to them, but the aliens said they were in a hurry. Then the creatures climbed into their vehicle, which was calmly hanging in the air, making a sound similar to the sound of a motor idling, the UFO slowly glided and at a distance of 50 meters sharply picked up speed and disappeared in a northerly direction.

A few hours later, Wilcox brought a 35-kilogram bag of fertilizer and left it under a tree near the UFO landing site. When he came to look the next morning, the bag was gone.

The little men in the conversation with Wilcox allegedly told him that within a year, two astronauts, John Glenn and Virgil Grissom, as well as two Russian cosmonauts, would die and there would be some changes in the understanding of space.

Conversation of UFO passengers with a farmer, 1964

John Glenn, despite his very advanced age, is still alive and well. However, Grissom did die during the tests on January 17, 1967, and on April 24, 1967, Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov died due to an unopened parachute during re-entry into the atmosphere.

The psychiatrist Berthold Schwartz had studied Wilcox thoroughly in October 1968 and was impressed by how well he behaved when he met him in person. Schwartz devoted an entire chapter of his two-volume essay on UFOs, which was published in 1983, to a detailed description of this case.

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