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1957. Old Saybrook, Connecticut. UFO with passengers on board

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1957. Old Saybrook, Connecticut. UFO with passengers on board

This UFO report, with passengers visible through the windows, is similar in many ways to other reports from Connecticut made five years earlier. It was studied by the former deputy director and current consultant of the National Research Committee on Air Phenomena (NICAP), Richard Hall, and an employee of the same committee, Aizabel Davis.

1957. Old Saybrook, Connecticut. UFO with passengers on board

On December 15, 1957, a resident of Old Saybrook, Connecticut, Mrs. Mary Starr, a former teacher and graduate of Yale University, was home alone and decided to go to bed early. Between two and three in the morning, she was awakened by a bright light entering her room.

I looked out the window at the backyard and saw what I initially thought was a crashed plane. But when I looked closer, I saw that it was a cigar-shaped, brightly glowing object with square portholes, and it was hanging directly above my clotheslines. And inside I saw people...

Said the lady

The object hung motionless about three meters from the building, between the house and the barn, at a height of one and a half meters from the ground. Its length was from 6 to 9 meters, it was dark gray or black in color. It had no wings, no tail – no protruding parts. Through the lighted portholes, Mrs. Starr could see two figures moving toward each other.

I saw that the object was so cramped that the people in it could be no more than a meter tall.

she told the researchers.

According to her, the passengers of the UFO raised their hands, which were not visible hands. The creatures were dressed in a kind of expanding jackets, and their heads were strange-square or rectangular, red-orange in color with a bright red "lamp" in the middle. The woman thought they were some kind of helmets. The lower parts of the bodies were not visible. No chairs or instruments could be seen inside the unknown apparatus of Mrs. Starr.

UFO with passengers on board

A third creature appeared from somewhere to the left. The lady leaned against the window to get a better view, but then the portholes went out, the object's body lit up even brighter, and an approximately 15-centimeter "antenna" appeared at the top, which trembled and sparkled. For five minutes everything shone continuously, then the "antenna" retracted, and the device began to move smoothly along the trajectory along which it probably flew.

Then it turned very sharply to the right, and it became clear that it was oval in cross-section. The case became a dull gray-blue, and the rim was lit up with lights. The UFO dived, made a wave-like movement, repeating the contours of the ravine located near the house, then abruptly tilted and disappeared at an incredible speed in complete silence in the sky.

Old Saybrook, Connecticut. UFO

Since most of the neighboring houses were empty at this time of year, Mrs. Starr was the only witness to this strange incident. However, a few weeks before that, there was talk about some objects in the district.

Considering Mrs. Starr's record, and the fact that there was no point in her inventing such a colorful story, neither Miss Davis nor Mr. Hall saw any reason to distrust her story.

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