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Commander of a nuclear submarine. I saw a UFO coming up

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Commander of a nuclear submarine. I saw a UFO coming up

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In the video, he claims that in the area of Novaya Zemlya, he saw at a distance of 50 cables (9 km), as a giant multi-faceted egg-shaped object emerged from under the water and went into the clouds. What is most interesting, the navigator managed to take a picture.

Photos and notes from all the eyewitnesses from the boat's crew were sent to the Academy of Sciences. And from there, no response or greetings.

He further stated that he had observed an object moving in the water at a speed of more than 300 knots - about 600 km/h-for about 30 minutes in a row near Greenland. At the same time, it did not make the noise of the screws, but a noise like a jet of water in water. Lev Matushkin believes that these are manifestations of another civilization, either underwater or coming from outer space.

As for the UFO emerging from under the water, in addition to Lev Matushkin, there is other evidence, but there are few of them. But there is quite a lot about fixing underwater objects moving at the speed of an airplane with devices.

And here's what I thought. A lot of information about UFO sightings in the navy is described in the documentary " UFO. Going underwater". That is, the name refers to objects diving from the sky into the water.

This is, of course, interesting, but, in general, there is a high probability that a meteorite or fragments of a rocket and other known objects went under the water. But flying out of the water is quite another matter. This is clearly something unearthly production. Especially considering the size.

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