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CIA report C00386418 - The famous report on how the soldiers turned to stone by aliens

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CIA report C00386418 - The famous report on how the soldiers turned to stone by aliens

Only lazy didn't refer to this CIA report. The case described here can cause fear in people. But let's figure it out.

So the text indicates that according to the KGB materials, a low-flying spacecraft in the shape of a saucer suddenly appeared over a military unit, whose military conducted training sessions on its territory.  For unknown reasons, somebody unexpectedly launched a surface-to-air missile and hit the UFO. It fell to earth not far far away, "and five short humanoids with "large heads and large black eyes" emerged from it.

This object began to hum and hiss sharply and then turned bright white. In a few seconds, the spheres became much larger and exploded, flashing an extremely bright light. At this moment, the 23 soldiers who were watching this phenomenon turned into ... stone pillars. Only two soldiers survived, standing in the shadows and less exposed to the light blast.

CIA report C00386418 - The famous report on how the soldiers turned to stone by aliens

Impressive, isn't it? But let's look at the source data. The CIA clearly determines that these are not received documents from the KGB, this is information from the usual Ukrainian newspaper "Vecherniy Ternopil", which took this note from another Ukrainian publication. Can I trust the information from the newspaper? Will the KGB spread such information in the media and even in such a colorful artistic form? I much doubt it. I doubt that you will seriously study the information about UFOs from the tabloid newspaper and take it on faith.

Therefore, this report for me personally looks like a throw-in of false information of an entertainment nature from the CIA for the UFO community.

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