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For two hundred years, an important source for the compilation of horoscopes and prophecies was the Bruce Calendar, published at the beginning of the XVIII century. The predictive astrology of Count Jacob Bruce has not lost its relevance today. Let's see what events can be expected in the coming years according to the Bruce Calendar.

Predictions 21st century

What is the Bruce Calendar?

As already mentioned above, in 1709, under the control of the Scottish earl, a book was published, which received the full title " Calendar or mesyacslov Christian. According to the old style or calculation for the summer from the incarnation of God the Word 1710. From the world of existence 7217. Printed in Moscow, summer of the lord 1709. December a day."

Bruce's surname is attributed to the source because of his involvement in the publication. The direct author of the Bryusov calendar of 1709 is Vasily Kipriyanov. This is directly indicated on the title page. The first edition was engraved on copper plates and printed in 6 large-format sheets with poems, drawings, and tables.

The calendar consists of two parts:

  • help page;
  • predictive.

The reference part includes 14 sections. they are devoted to the following topics:

  • the biblical creation of the world and chronology, Saints;
  • the image of the universe;
  • lunar calendar;
  • the coordinates of stars;
  • the relationship of weather with the phase of the moon in relation to the signs of the Zodiac;
  • description of transport routes;
  • maps and coats of arms.

The predictive part of the calendar contains a 200-year calendar in the fields of astrology, economics, and politics.

Part 2 contains the following information:

  • weather features - collected many years of popular experience in observing weather events;
  • sunrise and sunset times,
  • moon; duration of the day;
  • dates of eclipses with calculations;
  • prophecies about people born in certain periods;
  • predictions about future wars, rulers, and economic changes;
  • recommendations for actions — when it is better to get married, pay debts, get medical treatment, etc.

The calculation of the sun and 5 planets known at the time of the creation of the document is based on a 28-year cycle. The lunar calendar used a 19-year cycle. future events in the calendar were formed according to a certain system based on the "theory of the earth observer".

Predictions for 2024 and the 21st century

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