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Ancient statues of aliens found in Jordan, a feature that contradicts the official history

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Ancient alien statues found in Jordan, a feature that contradicts the official history

The mysterious statues were discovered during excavations at the Neolithic settlement "Ain Ghazal", near the modern capital of Jordan, Amman in 1983.

Ancient alien statues found in Jordan, a feature that contradicts the official history

All the statues had one very interesting feature that distinguishes them from all the previously found finds. Moreover, the statues are not a prototype of the gods or man. You might think that the masters of such modeling decided to make a joke about nature itself, or they just had an atypical imagination. So who were these creatures that the ancient masters depicted in their sculptures? Why are they so unusual? What are archaeologists puzzling over? Why do these findings contradict the official history? Let's figure it out.

Ancient statues of aliens found in Jordan, a feature that contradicts the official history

It flourished in the Neoclassical Neolithic for almost 2,000 years. By 6200 BC, the settlement had grown to cover almost 40 hectares, which is almost 4 times the size of the current Jericho, just 48 km away. Indeed, Ain Ghazal was one of the largest "cities in the Neolithic Middle East". But the main value for archaeologists was the mysterious, very realistic, almost natural plaster statues, which caused many controversial issues.

In 1984, archaeologists examined the side of a trench made several years ago by a bulldozer during the construction of the highway. They found the edge of a large pit about 2.5 meters below the surface, in which fragments of plaster statues were visible. More than 30 human figurines found in the prehistoric village of  had several strange features. Almost all the statues had two heads.

Ancient statues of aliens found in Jordan

These figures also had separate body parts: either disembodied heads or headless bodies. This practice is confirmed not only by Ain Ghazal but also by other similar places in the southern Levant. All these figures are made of clay containing limestone powder mixed with lime plaster. They are among the oldest monumental artifacts ever found. The age of the finds is 8 thousand years.

Their size varies from one meter in height to almost the natural height of modern humans. Their large, elliptical-shaped eyes are unique, and their small ears show that they may be images of an unknown ancient race, witnessed by the locals of prehistoric Jordan. The age of the finds coincides with the beginning of the dawn of human civilization in this region. Moreover, the figures do not have any weapons and typical signs of gender.

Ancient alien statues found in Jordan

Many fragments of these ancient artifacts were misplaced and badly damaged, and the addition of the statues was difficult and time-consuming. Sometimes the broken edges of 2 pieces could be easily picked up, like puzzle pieces. But the edges of many fragments were very blurred, and it was not always possible to restore them. In some cases, reeds or twine preserved on the inner surfaces of the statues were used to determine where the joints should be made. After the fragments were identified, the conservators used a special type of glue to reattach them. Even after many months of careful work, the statues could not be completely restored.

Conservators filled in the gaps with acrylic resin, glass microcapsules, and cellulose powder. They smeared the new areas with watercolors so that the audience could distinguish them from the ancient fragments. Almost nothing is known about these mysterious statues and the Neolithic artists who created these statues. But the versions put forward are very bold.

Perhaps, before man, this area was inhabited by a more advanced civilization, which contributed to the development of human civilization. The two-headed nature of the statues and the lack of differences in sexual characteristics may indicate that these creatures could reproduce asexually by dividing. It sounds very strange, but there is no other explanation yet. Otherwise, why would the masters be so sophisticated over the natural component of man?

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