Analysis of UFO cases in Brazil

Analysis of UFO cases in Brazil

If you want to see aliens, go to Brazil. There are more unusual contacts per capita here than in any other country in the world, and the number of abductions is second only to the United States. One of the reasons for such high activity is the inexplicably ambivalent government policy towards UFOs. In 1969, the UFO phenomenon was declared a matter of national security and transferred to the control of the Sao Paulo Air Force.

In 1969, the government issued a special directive in which all media were strictly recommended "not to disclose UFO reports without prior censorship by the Brazilian Air Force." Nevertheless, both the Air Force and the government have always been willing to share information and often allowed themselves open statements on this topic. As a result, a much larger number of observations, including those made by military personnel, leaked to the press than in countries such as the United States or Great Britain. Of course, this freedom (although censored!) It led to the fact that the most ridiculous stories were sometimes presented under the guise of facts.

The tabloid press loves stories about UFOs and aliens, without bothering to find out how true they are. The result inevitably becomes a wild mixture of evidence of very different quality, ranging from quite plausible to the most incredible. One should also think about whether the colossal number of openly published reports in Brazil (their number reaches hundreds per year) does not indicate that there is a secret conspiracy in other parts of the world aimed at silencing such reports.

Flying saucer in Brazil

A disc-shaped UFO surrounded by a cloud of fog. The photographs were made public by the Brazilian government in 1958 by order of the President himself after laboratory tests attested their authenticity.

It is not surprising that with such attention to the UFO phenomenon, the ufo community in Brazil is developing a rapid activity: there are many research groups and popular magazines in the country, as well as television and radio programs dedicated to UFOs. Most of these materials are devoted to the extraterrestrial hypothesis, and their authors are trying to find evidence that our Earth is visited by aliens. There is also a craze for legends and legends of the ancient peoples of South America about their origin from the "heavenly people". This interest gave rise to the so-called theory of "ancient astronauts".

This hypothesis, first voiced from the pages of the works of Swiss researcher Erich von Daniken, says that aliens visited the Earth thousands of years ago and traces of their presence can be found by studying the monuments of ancient civilizations. Although little is remembered about it now, ufologist Raymond Drake expressed similar ideas even before Deniken in books from the Gods and Astronauts series.

Close Encounters

In Brazil, there are cases related to all conceivable and unthinkable categories, and some types are not found in any other country in the world. It was in this country that farmer Antonio Villas Boas disappeared in October 1957, after which the whole world became interested in the mystery of the abductions.


However, the first observations of aliens in this country in the Bauru area date back to July 1947. The most significant physical evidence was the traces of an exploding UFO - fragments of chemically pure magnesium scattered on the beach in Ubatuba in 1957. The samples were subjected to a comprehensive analysis that revealed their unusual properties. One of the most reliable photographic evidence includes a series of images of a day disk circling over the island of Trinidad. The photos were taken from a Brazilian military court involved in a scientific experiment. Moreover, it was from Brazil that a significant part of the most reliable UFO reports came.

The other extreme is represented by absolutely incredible cases that are not found anywhere else in the world. One of them was the miraculous rescue of a young woman in Petropolis. The daughter of a wealthy businessman suffered from stomach cancer and, despite all the efforts of doctors, was declared terminally ill.

On October 25, 1957, when the patient's relatives believed that she had only a few hours left to live, the patient's room was flooded with a blinding light that seemed to come from a disk hovering outside the window. A short, fair-haired creature appeared before the patient and relatives gathered at her bedside, who announced that he had flown from Mars and intended to confirm the benevolence of his race to earthlings by the fact of saving the patient.

The words were immediately backed up by the deed, and the operation was performed in a way that seemed absolutely incomprehensible in those years, but today it already seems to make sense. The blue beam illuminated the patient's body, highlighting her insides as on an X-ray. A concentrated beam of energy was directed at the girl (perhaps a laser beam that had not yet been invented on Earth), and after the operation the patient was given some tiny capsules. The relatives were told to remain silent about this story (they did so, and the miraculous healing became known from other sources). The girl quickly went on the mend.

Far less fortunate were the victims of other contacts who found a terrible death in the jungles of northern Brazil in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Only skeletons remained of them, and some witnesses claim that this is the result of an "attack" of light rays, from which the bodies literally melt. Visiting a remote and dangerous area of the tragedy, Dr. Jacques Vallee found some signs indicating that the tragedy really happened, but opinions differed about what caused it. The presence of bright balls of light was confirmed by many local residents. Some, however, said that the dead were victims of predators.


Brazil also has a long tradition of aggressive attacks that are not found in other parts of the world. On November 4, 1957, two guards were standing guard at Fort Itaipu when they saw a "supernova explosion." A star fell from the sky, which turned into an orange sphere, which made a loud roaring noise, like the sound of an electric generator, after which the military base plunged into darkness due to a complete power outage. Waves of heat radiated from the object, and two sentries fainted. When shocked colleagues brought the victims to consciousness, the soldiers found burns all over their bodies, which caused them serious illnesses and left scars for life. The cause of the incident has not been established.

Fort Itaipu

Brazil is replete with cases of abductions, and regression hypnosis is used to solve them. These stories reach reports of alleged attempts by aliens to procreate with the locals. These stories were initiated by the abduction of Villas Boas in 1957, when no one had heard of such cases anywhere else.

The victim of one of the most sensational kidnappings was the famous classical music singer Luli Oswald, who was abducted from a car along with a young man who drove her home. The aliens subjected him to a medical examination and took sperm samples, after which they made it clear that the young man was suitable for their purposes.

Luli herself, who has already reached an age that is not usually considered childbearing, was informed that she was not suitable for aliens, after which she spent several agonizing hours in complete obscurity, and then she and her companion were returned to the car. Similar cases, which have come to be called "alien rejection," are strikingly common in Brazil.

All known incidents involved women who were already approaching the age of fifty; abducted men also turned out to be unable to procreate, in particular, one of them underwent a vasectomy. This curious connection with the supposed goals of medical experiments (the aliens tried to create offspring by combining human and humanoid DNA) is difficult to explain by pure chance.

On May 19, 1986, a major incident occurred in Sao Paulo, as a result of which the Brazilian government was forced to demonstrate its attitude to ufology. Lights in the sky were observed from several aircraft, which were registered by both civilian and military radars. Soon, the air corridor for flights was cleared, and F-5 and Mirage fighters were raised to intercept the object from the nearest military base.


Brazilian Mirages were equipped with Sidewinder homing missiles. The crew of one of the fighters, who were guided to the target by ground and aviation radars, noticed a spot of shining light that the plane could not catch up with, despite all efforts. Another plane, the Mirage, was even surrounded by aircraft, which, according to radar readings, performed steep turns at a speed unthinkable for conventional aircraft. The objects disappeared over the sea before the fighters had time to open fire.

Immediately after the incident, the report was leaked to the press, which is very typical for Brazil. The Air Force Minister sent the report to the President, and then held a press conference outlining the contents of the document. There were rumors that the publicity of the events was sanctioned by the president himself. Minister Otavio Lima unleashed a torrent of criticism on the participants in the investigation of radar-visual contacts.

He stated that UFOs were material objects of unknown nature, about which scientists "did not give any answers or formal explanations." After reading the materials of this part of the book devoted to other countries, you will see that such a convincing confirmation of the reality of UFOs coming from a high-ranking person is no exception. Thus, public comments by the ministers of the Air Forces of France,Spain and Italy are known, made about cases when combat fighters were raised to intercept objects detected by radars.

These statements confirmed the reality of UFOs. It begs the thought that equally high-ranking officials of the United States and Great Britain were aware of no less impressive cases of this kind. It's just that these officials were not allowed to publicly express their confidence in the existence of UFOs!

Waves and special zones

From September 1957 to January 1958, many amazing cases occurred in Brazil (the events in Fort Itaipu, Petropolis, Ubatuba, on the island of Trinidad, the case of Villas Boas and many others). This wave became one of the largest worldwide, although in Europe and North America during this period there were also outbreaks of increased UFO activity.

There are other waves known in Brazil — one of them occurred in 1965 — although they cannot compare in scale with the first one. Special zones are also available in this country: for example, the jungle around Guarapirange is known as a concentration zone of deadly light balls. A real special zone, the legends of which go back centuries, surrounds San Jose to Rio Preto: strange lights were seen in this area, most likely representing some form of NAL. Locals nicknamed them the "mother of gold", and legend has it that a UFO once pointed out deposits of gold-bearing ore here.

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