Analysis of UFO cases in Argentina

Analysis of UFO cases in Argentina

In Argentina, as in most Latin American countries, the tabloid press is flourishing, painting UFO activity in bright colors. In terms of the number of observations, Argentina is second only to Brazil out of all South American countries, although Mexico has recently come to the fore. All types of contacts are recorded here, including TC 4. There is a ufo research society in the country, although it is not as active as in other South American countries. The government's attitude to the UFO phenomenon is also not entirely clear. Official data has never been published, although occasional comments are leaking to the press.

Close Encounters

Since 1950, the country has been experiencing, although not too abundant, but a constant influx of reports of contacts with aliens, which fall into two categories. Many of them feature dwarfs, although an increasing number of eyewitnesses see tall blond creatures. In April 1957, there was an incident with a man who was riding a motorcycle from Playas Blanca on the road to Cordoba. This episode can be considered a harbinger of the subsequent wave of abductions.

Suddenly, the power supply completely stopped, and the motorcycle stopped. Immediately after that, an egg-shaped object landed next to the motorcycle with a whoosh, and an eyewitness rushed into a roadside ditch. From there, he saw a humanoid creature in a tight-fitting suit come out of a UFO hovering above the ground through an elevator shaft flooded with light. The creature approached the man, touched his forehead, calmed him down and offered to go into the mine.

an egg-shaped object

Once inside the UFO, the eyewitness had the opportunity to look around while several other creatures were curiously looking at him. Then he was put back on the road. The UFO flew away, and the motorcycle started working normally again.

Argentina is also characterized by very unusual cases. On November 28, 1972, one pilot was sitting at home in an armchair and watching TV, when suddenly a figure in a blue suit materialized in the rays of a sudden flash of light. Then the creature began to copy all the movements of the eyewitness, until he took a glass of water from the table. At the same moment, the creature ran out into the yard, pressed a few buttons on his belt, looked up at the sky and disappeared.

There are also more traditional observations. In the summer of 1968, many encounters were recorded in the air. On June 8, a UFO almost collided with an Argentine airline plane over Punta Arenas. On July 13, a similar object landed at the Tandil Air Force Base.

For Argentina, observations of this kind involving the military are quite typical. One of the last such cases occurred on February 26, 1986: a squadron of military personnel stationed in Magdelena noticed a group of flaming lights coming to land. The next day, scorch marks were found on the ground.

glowing balls ufo argentina

Probably the most unusual cases, by a strange coincidence prevailing in Argentina, are associated with teleportation. A striking case that took place during a major wave of observations in May 1968 occurred with Dr. Gerardo Vidal and his wife, who were traveling by car from Chascomus to Buenos Aires. Their friends' car fell behind in the lane. It was only some time later that it became clear to them that Vidal and his wife had simply disappeared. When the couple reappeared, they said that their car was surrounded by a strange fog that came from nowhere, after which they felt a headache, and then lost consciousness and woke up on an unfamiliar road. After considerable effort, they discovered to their horror that they were in Mexico, half a continent away from their destination. How they managed to overcome 5,000 kilometers in a few hours remains a mystery.

Large waves of observations took place in Argentina in 1962, 1968 and 1985-1986. The most active special zone in the country is located around Bahia Blanca, where several high-profile abductions have been reported. Several striking stories are also connected with the cities of Trancas and Tres Arrojos.

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