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An unofficial leak from the Defense Department report. The UFO mystery may not be what we expected?

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An unofficial leak from the Defense Department report. The UFO mystery may not be what we expected?

An anonymous source published a picture of one of the pages of a secret Pentagon report on the UFO phenomenon. The conclusion is: "UFOs are either remotely controlled autonomous drones or a form of mechanical life with inorganic intelligence." The document describes a joint investigation conducted by the NSA, MNS, ONI, and SAP in collaboration with the Department of Defense.

During the investigation, the teams collected data and eyewitness accounts of unidentified air accidents. Evidence from the reports pointed to the discovery of some form of inorganic intelligence. All cases where the UAP (UFO) showed a reaction other than immediate escape was considered a curiosity. The report uses special studies using behavioral data processed by AI.

Defense Department report

The report suggests that improvements (development, enhancements) to UFOs may have changed the behavior and physical design of the UA / SP, thereby classifying them as organically controlled drones. It was hypothesized that the rapid increase in flight characteristics (the development of the appearance and technical parameters of UFOs) may indicate a gradual process of their virtual evolution.

UFO report

Once again, I want to note that these are screenshots from the screen, and we can not say that these conclusions are correct. In my opinion, these are more likely drones. Most cases of meeting with aliens allow us to conclude that they often send robots and holograms. We should also not forget that some of the phenomena do not belong to the technical part, they can be living beings of an unexplored form. Returning to the report, our editors do not agree with the thesis that UFOs have evolved noticeably for our civilization. The characteristics of UFOs were previously beyond the limits of human development. So there are still more questions than answers

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