An underground race of aliens. UFOs can come from inside the Earth

An underground race of aliens. UFOs can come from inside the Earth

For the first time, researchers started talking about an unknown underground people in 1946. This happened after the writer, journalist, and scientist Richard Shaver told the readers of the American paranormal magazine Amazing Stories about his contact with aliens living underground.

According to Shaver, he lived for several weeks in the underground world of mutants similar to demons described in ancient legends and tales of earthlings. By the way, almost any nation has similar myths that tell about a race of ancient beings who inhabited the planet Earth millions of years before man set foot on it. Infinitely wise, talented, and culturally developed, they do not want to have anything to do with people.

It would be possible to write off this "contact" to the exuberant fantasy of the writer, if not for hundreds of responses from readers who claimed that they, too, had visited underground cities, communicated with their inhabitants and saw various wonders of technology, not only providing underground inhabitants of the Earth with a comfortable existence in its very depths but also giving the opportunity... control the consciousness of earthlings!

Hollow Earth

This unusual story, oddly enough, had a huge impact on scientists and gave a new impetus to the study of the paranormal. However, the fact that the Earth is an empty ball was claimed in his writings by the English astronomer of the XVII century Edmund Halley, writers Jules Verne in the novel "Journey to the Center of the Earth", Edgar Poe in "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym" and some others.

Moreover, in the 18th and 19th centuries, the United States of America even considered the possibility of equipping a special scientific expedition that would prove that our planet is a hollow ball and it is easy to penetrate into its depths through holes in the earth's crust. But, as it turned out over time, getting underground is not so easy. The deepest well to date is located on the Kola Peninsula in Russia near Murmansk and is called the "Kola Superdeep Borehole". It was drilled for research purposes in 1970.

Five years later, the depth of the Kola Superdeep Borehole reached 7 km (about 23,000 ft). Work continued until the project was discontinued in 1989, as the drill was stuck in the rock at a depth of just over 12 km (almost 40,000 feet or 8 miles). This is the current record of the depth reached by man.

Hollow Earth

Thus, the shell of the Earth is much larger than scientists can excavate.

Scientists of the Third Reich were also very interested in the mysterious world of the dungeon. For example, back in 1942, with the support of Goering and Himmler, an expedition, which included the most advanced minds of National Socialist Germany, went in search of an underground civilization in the strictest secrecy.

It was assumed that the "home" of the super-developed peoples of antiquity would be found on the island of Rugen, located in the Baltic Sea. The expedition had other goals. German scientists seriously hoped that if they managed to place fundamentally new radar devices underground, they would come very close to the goal of world domination.

In 1963, two American miners, David Fellin and Henry Thorne, laying a tunnel, saw a huge door behind which marble steps descended.

This story leads us to the events of August 13, 1963, in Shepton, located in the anthracite coal belt of Schuylkill County in eastern Pennsylvania, where the famous disaster and rescue at the Sheptonmine took place. Three men were trapped 330 feet underground after a mine shaft collapsed. 

About two weeks later, on Tuesday, August 27, two of the miners, Henry Throne and David Fellin, were safely brought to the surface after rescuers successfully drilled a 17 1/2-inch and then 28-inch hole in their chamber, while the third miner, Lou Bova, who was trapped in another part of the mine, unfortunately, died.

The story of the survival and rescue of Throne and Fellin was enough to attract the attention of the whole world, but it was what they claimed to have seen and heard while in the mine (in addition to marble stairs, they saw humanoid figures and other interesting things) that attracted public attention, statements that both men swore to be authentic, both individually and publicly, decisive statements that they took with them to the grave, although others believed that they simultaneously witnessed the same hallucinations.

In the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper of August 29, 1963, David Felin's "affidavit" was printed, in which he noted:

Now they're trying to say that it was all hallucinations, that we made it all up. That's not so. Our minds weren't playing tricks on us. I've been a practical, hard-headed miner all my life. Back in the mine, my mind was clear. It is still clear

Here's what he said:

Fellin further noted that some of the things that he and Throne saw, they could not explain in words, and on the other hand, he stated:

On the fourth or fifth day we saw this door, although we had no light from above or from our helmets. The door was flooded with bright blue light. It was very clear, better than sunlight. Two ordinary-looking men, not miners, opened the door. We saw beautiful marble steps on the other side. We saw it for a while, and then we stopped seeing it... We have seen many other similar things that cannot be explained. But I'm not going to tell you about them, because I'm going through all this too deeply


The evidence of anthropologist James McCann, who examined a cave in Idaho, which is notorious among the indigenous population, is also interesting. McCann and his companions, after several hundred meters of careful movement along a wide stone corridor, suddenly heard screams and groans, and soon terrible finds in the form of human skeletons appeared before them. Unfortunately, further exploration of the cave, which in these parts was considered the entrance to the underworld, had to be stopped: the smell of sulfur was simply unbearable. If we turn to the opinion of scientists, geologists do not share the theory of the ubiquitous cavity of the Earth, although they do not deny the possible presence of huge voids in its bowels.

It is unlikely that people could live there because inside our planet there is not only a fairly high temperature, but also very little oxygen, but it is full of other gases incompatible with human life. All this prompted restless researchers to create a new hypothesis: perhaps an underground civilization has an extraterrestrial origin? And why not? Perhaps alien beings, tired of the constant wars and strife of mankind, moved underground, from where they are still watching our development...

And it is from underground, and not from other galaxies, they occasionally appear in the sky on flying saucers, come into contact with people and conduct their cruel experiments on them. But here a logical question arises: if our Earth is still hollow from the inside, then why has the entrance to the underworld not yet been discovered.

Everything is quite simple. Our science blocks alternative research in every possible way. Needless to say, even in the desert they do not allow excavations, but if you believe the ancient maps, once there was a thriving city and a lot of greenery in Africa. Many houses around the world are buried not a single meter, which cannot be justified only by the cultural layer. Why do we measure everything by primitive judgments of the species - that's where gases and you can't live. We know nothing in practice about the internal structure of the Earth. Some theories and indirect evidence.

Hollow Earth

At the same time, the observations of eyewitnesses around the world show. UFOs are often found near the vents of volcanoes and near mountains. Do not forget about the mass of underwater unidentified objects. Should I remind you how many percent of the ocean has been explored? No more than 7%!!! Therefore, it is extremely stupid to claim that scientists have absolute knowledge of the Earth, and therefore there are no entrances and no underground civilization. This is a desire to hide, not to study. I hope that in you, dear readers, the spirit of the researcher will never fade away and we will be able to find answers to our questions together

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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