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The CIA veteran called a conference and spoke about the cooperation of the US authorities and aliens. A story about the past and the future of mankind

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The CIA veteran called a conference and spoke about the cooperation of the US authorities and aliens. A story about the past and the future of mankind

 Are we just an experiment?

Meet - Davey Shawn. This man is over 80 years old. In his entire life, he has never profited from gossip and other nonsense. The American was in the ranks of intelligence for more than 35 years, and then worked as a private detective. In 2019, he learned that he had an incurable form of cancer. This prompted the man to break his vow of silence.

In June 2019, Davey convened a conference at which he presented his report on the relationship between aliens and the US government. According to him, the first contact with extraterrestrial beings of the humanoid type occurred in the 1940s. The original purpose of the aliens was to study intelligent species of earthlings. In those years, many cats and dogs disappeared from their owners. The police even introduced the term "animal boom", since every second appeal was somehow connected with the loss of pets. However, later the aliens offered the US authorities a deal – the Americans received some technologies, and in return the aliens could take people for their experiments and experiments.

Alien abduction

From 1940 to 1971, about 12,000 Americans went to the police because of alien violence. Davey Shawn is sure that if you conduct mass regressive hypnosis, it will become obvious that about every 12th American who lived in this period of time encountered the activities of extraterrestrial civilizations. As a rule, they took cerebrospinal fluid, blood, lymph, cells for procreation, and there was also an introduction into the thoughts and subconscious of their subjects.

A former CIA officer said that the Earth is a donor planet. Like an aquarium for growing experimental mice, only on a universal scale. The worlds where the real civilization lives are in another dimension. All we can see in space are other "aquariums". The Earth experiment is the most successful, and therefore the aliens do not engage in open confrontation. Their main task is to raise intelligent slaves for themselves. Davey Shawn believes that extraterrestrial civilizations have achieved tremendous technological development, but not everything can be replaced by artificial intelligence.

Since the 1940s, according to Davey, the number of biological material objectionable to aliens has been constantly adjusted by the US forces. Constant military conflicts in different parts of the world – this is the fulfillment of the role of a servant of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Armenians, Gypsies, Jews, Asians, Arabs, Slavs – peoples subjected to genocide and extermination. If we take into account the words of a CIA veteran, then a very clear picture is being built. There is an Anglo-Saxon world that is trying to build a new world order under the leadership of the United States and aliens. However, China and Russia threaten the implementation of these plans. Americans do not risk getting into an open confrontation with them, as they are being restrained by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. It is not profitable for them if one of the most successful experiments is destroyed by nuclear weapons.

In addition, Davey Shawn said that almost all ancient civilizations were helped by aliens. They gave mathematics, astronomy, medicine, metallurgy and many other knowledge that led to the inevitable development of civilizations. However, 3-5 thousand years ago, when the states were mired in barbarism, wars, gluttony, sodomy and greed, the Earth project was on the verge of destruction. It seemed that the removal of such people was dangerous, massive adjustments were made. Some civilizations have sunk into oblivion. Many of the knowledge was lost, but humanity did not die out.

According to a former CIA officer, if anyone is able to save the Earth from a new world order led by extraterrestrial civilizations, it is Russia and China. The Americans will not be able to defeat this alliance even with the support of aliens. China cannot be strangled economically, and Russia cannot be strangled militarily. So, Earthlings have a unique chance to stop being puppet dolls and become a free, equal civilization on a universal scale.

It is always difficult to believe such statements. Of course, we can assume that we are just mice in an aquarium, if we take the universal scope. But when I see the administration of the US president, I get the impression that they don't have any extraterrestrial mentors. 

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