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Aliens exist. British astronaut is sure that aliens live among people

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Aliens exist. British astronaut is sure that aliens live among people

 How to distinguish an alien from an earthman? Where can I meet him and can I enter into a dialogue?

Aliens are not a myth, but a reality. They do not live somewhere in deep space but have been living among people for a long time. Their main distinguishing feature is the ability to be invisible under any circumstances. That is why many people do not notice the "good" neighbors. Such a loud statement was made by British astronaut Helen Sharman.

Aliens exist. British astronaut is sure that aliens live among people

In an interview with The Observer magazine, the woman admitted that daily observations prompted her to think about living together with an alien race. 58-year-old Charmaine stressed that she constantly feels someone's presence next to her-an an energy that seems to come from nowhere.

Aliens exist, there can be no two opinions. There are so many stars in the universe that there must be all kinds of different life forms. Will they, like you and me, consist of carbon and nitrogen? Maybe yes, and maybe no. Perhaps they are still here now

Helen stressed during the conversation.

The astronaut from Britain is not the only celebrity who believes in aliens. For example, an employee of a large space organization, Gordon Cooper, claimed that he personally met with unique characters. This happened, according to the man, when he served as a military pilot. The astronaut is sure that the aliens have chosen a very clear strategy for enslaving the world: now they are "carefully studying the inhabitants of the Earth", and then they can attack.

Gordon Cooper astranout

The head of the private space company Galaktika, Aliya Prokofieva, also agrees with the previous speakers. For some reason, she is sure that it is easiest to meet an alien in the subway. Her opinion is shared by professional ufologist Yuri Lushnichenko. He even knows how to recognize aliens among a large crowd.

Basically, these are people with faces without emotions. They can speak very quietly, offer something or even call somewhere. Of course, you should not listen to them

Lushnichenko said in an interview

The expert noted that there are several types of aliens. Some reptilians wear suits with a very thin coating that resembles insect scales. Others — biorobots-give themselves away with a swaying "sailor" gait. Still others — dragons-have such powerful energy that they can disable frames and turnstiles in the subway.

However, it is not only in the subway that you can track the movement of aliens, Yuri Lushnichenko is sure. He said that UFOs regularly appear in the sky in the period from 10: 00 to noon. However, until this day, no one has been able to provide solid evidence of their existence.

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