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The spaceport of the demon Ravana: new traces of UFO in India

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The spaceport of the demon Ravana: new traces of UFO in India

When we come across one remarkable object, we can write it off as an accident, a game of imagination. But if there are two such objects? There is already something to think about.

Greetings to all thinking seekers of truth. Let me remind you that every opinion has the right to be. You can agree with it or not. However, it has the right to life. Today I want to share new interesting discoveries.


Sri Lanka has a notable Danigala mountain. It stands out with a strange shape - it has a completely flat top, looks like a stump. But that's not the most interesting thing. In the area of the mountain often notice strange flying objects. For what the locals call it - Alien Mountain.

By the way, such flat mountains exist not only in Sri Lanka, and the locals will not say anything good about them either. For example, the Devil's Tower in the USA.

Danigala is known from ancient Indian epics. It is listed no more, no less than the airfield or spaceport of the demon king Ravana. It was here that his aircraft was located.


The place is really remarkable. The flat wide plateau at the top gives room for take-offs and maneuvers. But, in addition to subjective evidence-convenience, the mountain has long hidden another secret that confirms its importance for space travel.

Recently, in the cave of this mountain, a scientist, a supporter of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, Aravinda Ravibhan Sumanaratna, found remarkable petroglyphs. In addition to figures that can be identified as animals, plants, and people, notches are made on the walls of the cave that resemble runic symbols.

Petroglyphs of the Donigala Mountain Cave

They could be considered a chaotic pattern if the same symbols were not carved on the walls in the Edakkal cave in the Indian state of Kerala. And this object has been known for a long time.

We conclude that if this is not some kind of alphabetic system or system of notation, writing, then how can the same ornaments be applied in two different, rather remote places from each other.

Petroglyphs of the Edakkal Cave

Aravinda Ravishan Samararatne considers the symbols at the edakkal caves and Donigala lost the astronomical system of accounts. Could it have been used by Ravana for space flights? Or was it used by representatives of some other civilizations? Have you left, so to speak, an eternal cheat sheet for your fellow human beings? Or maybe it's the encrypted knowledge of ancient, dead civilizations about space?

This mystery has yet to be fully solved, and I think this is not the last such find in India. It remains only to wait for a kind of Rosetta stone, which will allow you to decipher this astronomical code.

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