Aliens are indeed among us, as confirmed by the ufologist's report.

Investigating Claims of Extraterrestrial Presence: A Confident Ufologist's Report

In January 2004, at a meeting of the Commission on Anomalous Phenomena of the Russian Geographical Society, the Russian ufologist E.Litvinov made a report "Aliens among us", in which he claims that some of the aliens have been living among humans for a long time since some alien races or representatives of parallel worlds do not differ much from humans in appearance.  Today we begin to introduce you to the most interesting fragments of this report.  Here, for example, is what it says about the presence of aliens on Earth.

Aliens are among us

There are hundreds of books on the alien origins of humanity, on the influence of gods and star people on the development of mankind, on paleocontacts with representatives of the HC (Higher civilization), other worlds... There are more than 100 books on this subject in my personal library alone. After getting acquainted with them and working through most of them, the following picture emerges: aliens on Earth (and among us!) they have always been, that is, initially! Evidence of this has been recorded by people and aliens themselves all over the world, from rock paintings and "fossil objects" to published chronicles, legends, myths, legends, Scandinavian sagas, Indian Vedas and many religious sources. But, according to many paleocontact researchers, the most convincing evidence of humanity's historical ties with aliens is hidden in caches more reliable than the Qumran caves...

In these publications, the most frequently mentioned constellations from which gods, Elohim and the like allegedly flew are: Lyra, Taurus, Big Dog, Orion, Centaurus, Dragon, Leo, and others. These are mainly the constellations closest to us in our arm of the Galaxy, the adjacent sector of our quadrant of the Milky Way... And this is not an accident, but a pattern! The exchange of genes took place not only between the civilizations of these constellations. Many of them participated in the origin and improvement (genetic improvement) of people on Earth. This is clearly recorded in religious sources... It is the large number of foreign participants that explains the huge diversity of humanity, the instability of political life on Earth, and the religious disunity of peoples...

Who should be considered aliens among us? Since the whole topic of UFOs is officially closed to the public around the world, and the aliens themselves, for various reasons, are also interested in hiding their presence on Earth, then only such beings from other worlds who are almost no different from us are suitable for the concept of aliens among us at the moment since there are too many differences in ourselves from each other. At the same time, they can also be biorobots. Typical representatives of the latter were well-known from the 40s to the 70s of the twentieth century, the so-called men in black or MIBs).

From the analysis of 350 cases of contacts with humanoid aliens extracted from our ten-thousandth data bank, as well as from the study of investigations on this topic by foreign researchers, the following categories of aliens among us should be distinguished:

  • a) Biorobots and separately men in black (they have special functions).

  • b) Creatures of the VC or other worlds (hereinafter referred to as IM) - very similar to humans or capable of taking the form of humans (according to a number of researchers).

  • c) Inovremians - or, according to their own statement, people from the future.

  • d) Doppelgangers are an ambiguous phenomenon in ufology... These are clones of people grown by aliens using the express method, and energy copies of people created by them on purpose, but they can also be natural twins involved by aliens,

  • e) Hybrids or star children (these concepts should be distinguished).

  • f) And finally, the settlers, when the soul or the "thin" body of an alien is allegedly settled into the human body.
Here's what he said:

As we can see, the aliens present on our planet among humans are by no means a homogeneous mass. Many of the aliens living in secret underground, underwater bases, as well as bases located in the thickness of many mountains, differ even more from each other and from the appearance of people. And now think about who and why it is necessary to intimidate people with the threat of an "alien invasion" if aliens have been present on Earth for so long? And for all these millennia that they have been living here, have they not had the opportunity to conquer and seize the Earth if it was part of their plans? Given the high technical development of the aliens, it would not be difficult to conquer the Earth. However, this does not happen. In general, it should be understood that according to mythology, in ancient times, aliens were divided into two main categories:

  1. those who shared knowledge
  2. those who exploited the labor of earthlings.

What has happened since then? What has changed? Although some answers are available, we cannot cover them in this publication. However, you can find more information on these and other questions by following our website.

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Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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