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Alien remains found in Mexico

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Alien remains found in Mexico

In the area of the town of Onavas in the state of Sonora in western Mexico, archaeologists have discovered an unusual burial, In particular, strange deformations of the skull were found in the found remains, which may indicate the extraterrestrial origin of their owners. According to scientists, the shape of the bones of the head is more like the skull of aliens from the fantastic horror movie "Alien".

Alien remains found in Mexico

In total, the remains of 25 people were found in the cemetery. At the same time, 13 of them recorded the aforementioned deformities of the skull, five also had damaged teeth, reports RBC. The cemetery, according to preliminary estimates, was founded about a thousand years ago.

Aliens skeletons

Scientists admit that they have never seen anything like this before. According to archaeologist Cristina Garcia Moreno, it is possible that ancient people in this area deliberately deformed skulls to distinguish one social group from another, as well as for ritual purposes.

Aliens in Mexico

"The unique find is a mixture of traditions that existed among the tribes that inhabited the north of Mexico in ancient times," she notes. Speaking of dental injuries, they were found in adolescents aged about 12 years. Scientists suggest that dental manipulations were performed as part of a rite of passage.

Also, one of the deceased's bones at the level of the abdomen was deformed in the form of a turtle shell. So far, archaeologists have not found any explanations for such a "modification" of the skeleton.

Alien remains found in Mexico

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