The footprints of aliens in Australia

Confirmed: Alien footprints found in Australia.

The Australian Aborigines have a myth according to which their ancestors had white skin and came from the stars. Variations of this myth are known in the traditions of many tribes.

Legends of heroes from the stars

This is how, for example, one of the versions of the myth from Central Australia sounds:

A long time ago, in the distant Time of Dreams, a large red egg flew from heaven. It wanted to calmly descend, but it did not succeed, and from a strong impact on the ground, the egg split. White-skinned heroes and their children came out of it.

The heroes themselves soon died, either from old age, or because they could not breathe the local air. But the children were young, they were able to adapt well to the new environment and therefore survived.

To perpetuate the memory of their parents, the children of the heroes began to carve and paint their images on the walls of caves. The remains of the big red egg were destroyed, and over time they rusted so much that they mixed with the earth, which is still red in central Australia because of this.

And the children of the heroes multiplied and populated the entire Australian continent, but their skin turned black due to the hot climate. And only their rock paintings still remind us of how their ancestors looked when they came from heaven, and how they dressed

Quote from the myth:

The tribes of the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney also depict strange, unusually dressed figures of the aliens of the past. One of their totems is a fish-like object in which the inhabitants of heaven once arrived.

They believe that the heroes visited ancient Australia not by chance, but because they took pity on the ancestors of the aborigines who did not know how to get their own food. The heroes brought culture to people: the ability to hunt and make fire, use a boomerang and a javelin thrower.

Traditions of rock painting

As in many other places of the globe, the rock paintings of the Australian Aborigines depict the world around them, for example animals and hunting scenes. But in Australian rock art, you can also see strange humanoid figures similar to astronauts, as well as objects resembling spacecraft or UFOs. Many of these paintings are thousands of years old.

Aliens in Australia

Researchers of rock paintings of primitive tribes note the characteristic naturalism expressed by the motto "I paint only what I see." This is confirmed by the fact that the images of animals are anatomically correct, and the captured poses reflect the habits known today. But in this case, the ancient Australians simply could not invent everything else that they drew.

Paintings of Wangjin

A good example is the tradition of rock painting by the aborigines of Western Australia, known as the Wandjin. This word means both the characteristic style of the painting itself, and those amazing figures that can be seen on it. A few decades ago, this tradition became so popular that the figures of Wangjin began to appear in Australian urban graffiti and borrowed into a variety of elements of modern design. The matter went so far that the aborigines had to demand a legislative ban on this kind of drawings for everyone who is not related to tribal religious ceremonies.

What is it about this painting that conquers everyone? The figures of Wangjin are human-like, but their otherness immediately catches the eye. Even more interesting are their robes and hats, in the description of which the words "spacesuit" and "helmet" are begging, and this despite the fact that for the life of the Australian aborigines before the arrival of Europeans, the concept of almost any clothing is completely alien.

Drawings of alien?

Myths and legends surrounding these drawings emphasize that the light-skinned deities depicted on them brought knowledge to the natives. According to some versions of myths, in ancient times these gods came from heaven, and according to others, they sailed from the other side of the Indian Ocean on huge ships, which is sometimes explained by the long journeys of Phoenician sailors about 3000 years ago.

Some scholars note that in the style of clothing of the figures of Wangjin, one can notice parallels with the cultures of the Middle East. Evidence of this is found in the racial traits of the aborigines, and even in the presence of ancient Egyptian words in Australian native languages. Nevertheless, such a hypothesis does not explain all the oddities of the paintings of Wangjin and many Australian myths.

Folklore about giants

According to some myths, the celestial aliens in Australia were either all huge, or there were giants among them. In this regard, they usually recall the finds of parts of huge human skeletons in Africa and Asia. But in Australia itself there is evidence of the existence of giant humanoid creatures. These are, for example, traces of huge human feet.


One of these footprints, found near the town of Kovra in New South Wales, measures about a meter in length, and half-meter footprints have been found in many places. Primitive stone tools weighing from 4 to 12 kilograms are also known.

It is clear that it would be impossible for an ordinary person to handle a stone chisel or a chopper of such weight. According to estimates made on the basis of these facts, the Australian giants weighed at least 400-500 kilograms, and had a height of 4 to 6 meters and above.

Stonehenge in Bathurst

Australian megaliths are also associated with ancient giants, in particular the famous Stonehenge in Bathurst, in the state of New South Wales. It was there that some of the giant stone tools were found. A considerable area of several square kilometers is covered with blocks built in straight lines, stone circles, standing stones - menhirs - and even human heads carved out of stone. Researchers agree that one of the main functions of this structure was to conduct complex astronomical observations.

Stonehenge in Bathurst

Most of the elements of this megalith could easily have been built by human hands. But there are also several structures there that could not have been created at the level of ancient technologies. For example, a round stone with a height of 4.5 meters and a diameter of about 3 meters, mounted on a base of carved granite blocks. Some huge boulders form precise geometric shapes, say, an equilateral triangle with a side of 55 meters.

Even in order to draw a triangle of this size, not to mention moving boulders to the right points, you need remarkable mathematical and construction skills. Finally, in this megalith there are Heo6v clear cultural parallels with the structures of the lost civilizations of South America and the Pacific Islands. It should also be noted that, according to ufologists, UFO activity in the areas of this and other megaliths is significantly higher than in other areas of Australia.

Rock structures in Queensland

Another attraction is located on a large plateau near the city of Toowoomba in Queensland. Now it is covered with forest, but in ancient times the plateau was bare. If you look at it from an airplane, then there is a clear association with the runway.

Rock structures in Quensland

Moreover, stone pyramids with a height of about 120 meters and a side of a square base of about the same length are scattered throughout Queensland (the most famous is in the Girravin National Park). They form a regular grid covering an area of hundreds of square kilometers. All this is practically not studied, since these rock formations are considered to be natural.

Star and moon tables and maps

Near the town of Gosford in New South Wales, one can observe astronomical tables and maps carved on flat rock surfaces, often on hilltops, from where the sky is clearly visible. These tables not only depict the phases of the moon, but also mark the movement of some stars and planets. A huge stone slab with a saucer-shaped recess was found in the same area.

When this recess is filled with water, it forms a mirror that reflects the night sky well. Earth mounds were made around the slab, from the height of which ancient astronomers could conveniently observe the movement of the heavenly bodies by their reflection. Similar maps and observatories are known in the Blue Mountains, but the cultures that left them remain mysterious.

More questions than answers

Were the gods or heroes of the Australian Aborigines and other ancient peoples aliens from other worlds? Why did the stars attract them so much and so much effort and time was spent on the device of amazing megalithic observatories?

So far, numerous volumes of research on this issue do not give an unambiguous answer. After all, we have only taken the first steps in space exploration. It may be that only when we begin to better understand distant star systems will we truly understand the history of our own planet.

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