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Frightening rays from the glowing hemisphere from Afghanistan. UFO Sightings Report

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Frightening rays from the glowing hemisphere from Afghanistan. UFO Sightings Report

This document reveals to us information about an unusual phenomenon that occurred near Afghanistan since August 1980, accompanied by strange rays of light that appeared at night. Initially, it was assumed that the rays occur as a result of the activities of the Red Army and specialized weapons.

Unclassified report

Then the opinion changed, and it was suggested that these are flying balloons or parachutes with magnesia, which serve to intimidate foreign troops. However, further, observation, which was made not only by the military and journalists but also by diplomats who noted the independent origin of the rays. They were not associated with helicopters and other technical means.

Unclassified document

In addition, the photographer also joined the observation, who noted that the strange ones come from the flying hemisphere. In our opinion, we have a classic report of a UFO that emits rays. However, for what purposes it is not entirely clear.

This is interesting material about UFO sightings, which we recommend to study.

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