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What message did he send to a female astronaut from the USA?

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UFOs were seen from the ISS and from Earth on May 16, 2019. What message did he send to a female astronaut from the USA?

In 2019, on May 16, an American female astronaut who was on board the ISS, Ann Charlotte McClain, watched a large flying object that flew up to Earth. She told about this in 2022, during a conversation with journalists. According to the cosmonaut, it was a disc-shaped object with a dark silver body. There was a row of blue lights all around the circumference.

The UFO was moving jerkily at high speed. The observation lasted for several seconds, after which the object disappeared into a cloud front over the northern territories of Australia. Ann McClain was not afraid to tarnish her reputation and shared this case. Initially, her words aroused skepticism, but in recent years, the US authorities have seriously noted the importance of studying this phenomenon. Therefore, the cosmonaut's speech was listened to.


In addition, seven residents of the Australian city of Darwin said that a disc-shaped UFO was observed in the sky during a thunderstorm on May 16, 2019. It turned out that Ann McClain was not the only one who saw him in the spring of that year. I must say that the CIA and NASA were interested in this case. Employees of the department have repeatedly communicated with the female cosmonaut about this incident.

During the conversation, it turned out that Ann McClain saw this UFO about half an hour later. He was flying away from Earth. This time the woman managed to see the lower part of the ship. There was a white circular formation. It seemed to the cosmonaut that the device was sending a signal. The glowing lights on its skin simultaneously went out and lit up for a few seconds. Since she knew Morse code, she translated the "message" - "Solar", which means "solar". The American woman called her colleague David Saint-Jacques. Together they watched the departing ship until it turned into a barely noticeable dot.

It is important that at that moment there were Russians on the ISS - Oleg Kononenko and Alexey Ovchinin. When the story of this UFO surfaced, they were asked if they had observed something similar from the ISS. Oleg Kononenko joked: "The portholes were small and Ann McClain was constantly looking at them." And Ovchinin said that his colleagues had told him about what they had seen, he himself had not seen anything like it.

I wonder if Russian cosmonauts were forbidden to talk about UFOs, or did they really see nothing? Many similar stories pop up in the media from astronauts only after their careers are over. There is an opinion that there is a certain ban on the dissemination of information about UFOs. Given the fact that the US government has seriously engaged in the study of cases of observation of unidentified flying objects, perhaps the world is slowly moving to a new level of awareness of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

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