Magonia is a kingdom Hidden in the clouds from which "heavenly ships" come to earth

UFOs from heaven in historical retrospect

History is full of references to places that are lost today. Some of them have been rediscovered, such as Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt. Some remain lost, such as the Turquoise Mountain in Afghanistan. Magonia is one of those lost places that almost risks being forgotten by history. In fact, the main mention of this place belongs to a bishop from the city of Lyon named Agobard. In 815, he described in his work Magonia and the "weather magic" derived from it.

Mysterious airships and ships people have seen in the sky since time immemorial.

Cloud ships over Cornwall

UFO sightings

Many ghost ships sail the seas of Cornwall. But the most interesting are those that are "common for many places near the Extreme Coast

it was written in the press in 1873.:

Their peculiarity was that they swam straight out of the sea, and then walked overland, as if by sea and further overland, as if they were still on the water. They often did this in Porthcurnow "both before and after its shipping channel was covered with sand, and... they were often seen floating up and down the valley, on land, as on the sea."

Magonia is a kingdom Hidden in the clouds from which "heavenly ships" come to earth, image No. 4

Conspiracy Theory


Their "appearance foreshadowed storms and shipwrecks", like other Cornish sea phantoms. However, the history of these phantoms goes much further.

The old Babylonian idea was that the sea bends in an arc directly above the firmament and deep under the earth: this was believed by Gervasius of Tila.

Gervase of Tilbury recorded what he saw himself — the story of a sailboat that the parishioners of a church in Gloucestershire saw over their church one Sunday. The anchor caught on the tombstone, and the man from the ship descended the rope to free him, he moved as if making his way through the water; but when he made his way into our air below, he drowned." It is a "remarkable event revealed during our lifetime" that "tends to prove that the sea is higher than the earth."

There is also a Bristol Gervase who went to Ireland, leaned overboard to wash his knife, and lost it. When he returned home, he heard that the knife had fallen through the window of his own house and got stuck in the table where his wife was sitting. And who, "having listened to this testimony," writes Gervase around 1211, "will doubt that there is a sea above our dwelling, either in the air or in the air?".

UFO sightings

The Irish Mirabilia in the Norse. "Speculum Regale", by Kuno Meyer.

What do we know about Magonia?

  1. The first known recorded mentions of cloud ships date back to medieval Europe, both in paintings and on parchments describing encounters with the inhabitants of the air realms who raided the human lands below them.
  2. They called these kingdoms Magonia, or the Field (fields) The Heavenly Lord (Lords), from the Italian "mago" - field and the suffix "-ia" - belong to God or from God.
  3. Ufologist Jacques Valli, who inspired the character of Steven Spielberg's film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", wrote the book "Passport to Magonia", in which he tried to draw a connection between modern UFO encounters and medieval and ancient encounters with these mysterious entities.
  4. The etymology of the word "Magonia" comes from "Mayon" in the old Quastrian language.
  5. Its inhabitants were called the Lords of the Sky. The ancient Quatrians did not consider them deities as such (this is a later medieval scholastic interpolation of the Pentarch), but they were recognized as beings of great power, worthy of respect and sometimes propitiation.
  6. The ancient Quatrians claimed that the Mayonians originally came from a far, far place at the dawn of time, when the "sea above" (sky) and the "seas below" (world-ocean) were still united and passable.
  7. The archival documents of the Middle Ages mentioned above also describe a mystical order of magicians and weather masters, known as tempestarii, who could communicate and cooperate with the inhabitants of Magonia, the Mayonian lords of the sky.

UFO sightings

Are these mysterious cloud ships the same ones that astronauts still encounter, as well as countless military pilots and civil aviation pilots, not to mention countless witnesses to the appearance of UFOs around the world? The only thing that confuses in this information is the description of the ships. In the understanding of ancient man, the representation of a ship and something floating in the sky is a sailboat. It seems suspicious that flying saucers are not described, although, on our Twitter, you can make sure that flying saucers are already represented on the tapestries of the 16th century. Therefore, the question remains open. It can be assumed that people have observed motherships, therefore there is no description of the plates.

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