Gulf Breeze UFO case

UFOs, alien stalkers and strangeness in Florida. Gulf Breeze UFO case

In the field of UFOs, there have long been certain personalities around whom UFOs flutter in large numbers. These people managed, for some reason, to attract attention to themselves. Leaving us at the same time without the ability to get to any correct answers. One of them, of course, is a modest person who "smiled" at a series of outlandish meetings. These meetings managed to put both him and his city on the UFO map.

First encounter with a UFO

It all started in November 1987 in the sleepy town of Gulf Breeze, Florida. On the evening of November 11, a local construction contractor named Ed Walters was at home. When he was allegedly attracted by a bright light that seemed to come directly from his yard. I wonder what it could be? He ventured outside, coming out, he saw that everything that created the mysterious lighting seemed to be behind a grove of trees not too far away. He got closer to the light source and saw that it was a huge ship in the shape of a peak, with portholes and rectangular windows on the sides. There was a blue ring at the bottom of it, and it was from this ring that the light came out, like a giant neon light.

Surprisingly, Walters had the guts to go and get a camera from home, after which he began photographing it. Whatever this strange ship was, he didn't seem to like being photographed. Because he allegedly then approached the stricken Walters and "shot" him with a blue beam. Although before, a voice sounded in his head that he would not be harmed. Then this telepathic presence began to radiate myriad images into his head. Including images of dogs, a woman with a baby, naked women and all sorts of other surreal scenes similar to something from a distorted dream. Walters then lost consciousness.

I woke up after a while, the UFO had disappeared by this time. He had the impression that the blue ray had knocked him out. Fortunately, when he checked the camera, he found that he had managed to take some photos. When they hit the news, the whole strange story became the talk of the town. All this was fueled by the sensational retelling of this story by the newspapers. Walters then tried to put the story behind him. But it seems the aliens had other plans…

UFO sightings ed walters

The UFO crew are robots?

Walters began to notice UFOs often, stating that there were several of them, sometimes he managed to photograph them. He also said that the blue rays often sent even more incomprehensible images into his mind. It often happened that he was left unconscious. On December 2, he claims that he finally saw the inhabitants of the ship. When in the early morning hours he noticed a small humanoid creature a little more than a meter tall. Standing in front of his house, wearing what looked like metal plates and a helmet with a slot. Through which one could look, it all looked like some kind of blocky, bulky armor. Giving the entity a somewhat robotic appearance.

UFO sightings Ed Walters

Realizing that he was noticed, Walters rushed to run, but he was stopped by a blue ray that paralyzed him and knocked him to the ground. When he regained control of his body, he saw another blue ray in the distance. And then one of the alien ships rose above the trees and rushed into the sky. Although he was able to photograph the UFO as it flew away, he was unfortunately unable to photograph the creature, although he later sketched it.

Blue beam

Over the next months, Walters claimed that he was constantly being watched by UFOs and these strange little robotic entities. Who seemed to be harassing him and his family. Indeed, among the many photos he took, one of them shows his wife running away in horror from one of the blue rays. In another case, he claimed that he was almost knocked off the road by one of the UFOs that appeared and shot a blue beam at his car. According to Walters, he had at least 20 separate incidents involving either UFOs or these aliens. And, apparently, one day they even landed on the lawn, and left a trail in the shape of a cone. And in another case, one of them spilled some liquid on the house, the reasons are unknown.

Meanwhile, there were reports from other locals who also claimed to have seen UFOs. And at that time it was becoming something of a minor hysteria caused by numerous sensational headlines. In fact, over a six-month period, 135 people reported 80 different sightings in the area. Many of whom are reliable witnesses, such as pathologist Fenner McConnell and city councilman Brenda Pollack. All this lasted until July 1988, after which the aliens seem to have either completed their mission, or they got bored of terrorizing this small town, and they left.

UFO sightings

Walters took quite a few photographs of the objects, a total of thirty-seven clear, high-quality photographs. He was also interviewed in detail by those who considered him a reliable witness. He passed two separate lie detector tests. He also underwent a mental evaluation, which only reinforced the obvious persuasiveness of this strange case. Soon, many ufologists called it one of the most amazing and important UFO cases in history.

Falsification, disclosure?

But Walters and his photographs have also become the subject of scrutiny and skepticism. One of the main blows to his credibility came after Walters left. And the new owner of the house found in the attic a UFO model made of expanded polystyrene, cardboard, paper and tinted plastic gel, 23 centimeters long and 13 wide. It looked suspiciously like a UFO from Walters' photos. In fact, it looked so much like the supposed alien ship in Walters' photos. That a reporter named Craig Myers was able to reproduce the photos almost perfectly using a model and double exposure. For his part, Walters insisted that the UFO model was planted to discredit him, and that he would never have left something like this in the house.

Gulf Breeze UFO

None of this helped. The story of a local teenager who claimed that Walters approached him with a request to participate in a staged UFO that got out of control. He even submitted a photo that looked almost the same as the ones Walters had taken in support of his story. Walters, of course, denied it. But none of this stopped him from writing a book about his adventures in the Gulf Breeze.

Skeptics say he did it all for money, fame and his book. That all this is an elaborate hoax with photos. Created using models and photographic tricks, such as double exposure and photographing images as reflections in glass. Others said it could have been an experimental aircraft from a nearby military base. So far, the fact remains. Hundreds of people also claimed to have seen strange things during the same time period. And there are those who still believe that the photos are real.

Gulf Breeze — point of activity on the UFO map

UFO researcher and physicist Bruce Maccabi said this

I think they're real. I think the model is a hoax. A hoax squared. We had politicians reporting that they had seen objects. We still get reports of interesting things in the area. And in 1987, hundreds of people besides Walters reported sightings. It's always been interesting. There were so many observations to consider, unless you believe there was massive collusion on the part of the residents of Gulf Breeze and Pensacola

He said:

UFO AC Research Group is convinced that all the photos presented, as well as the story itself, are falsifications. There are banal methods of image formation with double exposure characteristic of the 80s of the last century. Whether you agree with this or not, but the actual material is such at the moment.

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