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UFO Sightings in Australia 2022

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UFO Sightings in Australia 2022

Investigating one famous conspiracy theory about fences in Australia, we turned to Google Maps to study at least those photos that Google will present to us from the satellite. What was our surprise when we found UFOs moving along the highway. At the end, we will provide you with the coordinates of this object.

UFO sightings Australia 2022

The first assumption that a skeptical audience may have is probably a poorly photographed car. However, a more attentive reader will turn his attention to the shadow of the object, and if you look at the surrounding area, you will see that all objects, except for the alleged UFO, have a solid shadow, and the UFO is interrupted. This may indicate that the UFO is hovering above the surface, and not riding on it or standing stationary.

UFO sightings Australia 2022

The next stage of checking our version will be additional photo processing in order to more clearly define the boundaries of the shape of the object, as well as the accuracy of the thermal distribution recorded in the photo.

UFO sightings

It is quite obvious that we are dealing with a round shape of an object. We assume that this is a flying saucer. Maybe a probe. Returning to the opinions of skeptics, we also checked for the presence of road signs and how they are displayed on maps. The result is simple -it does not look like what we are exploring today. In favor of the UFO version, the remoteness of this area from civilization to the city of Newman in a straight line, excluding roads, is approximately 198 miles. There's a desert all around.

You can independently check the version of our UFO - AC Research Group, as well as agree with it or disagree with it. No one has canceled freedom of opinion, at least on our website.

GPS: 25°17′57″S, 122°1′3″E

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