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UFO over Cincinnati, 1974

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UFO over Cincinnati, 1974

On March 28, 1974, a young photographer from Cincinnati managed to take a series of pictures of a flying saucer. 16-year-old high school student Robert Schwier was passing through the local city park. After taking a few photos on the way with a Kodak X-15, he went to the forest clearing for about 15 hours. Suddenly, the young man heard a faint, unusual buzzing. Looking up, he saw that a domed silver object was floating above the trees, glinting in the sunlight.

UFO over Cincinnati incident

After the object began to gain altitude after a while and easily slid to the side, the young man decided to take the first picture. By this time, the object had moved a considerable distance away from the observer — not even a buzzing sound could be heard.

At some point, the object described a hook-shaped figure in the sky and hung in the air again. After that, it began to slowly move away in an easterly direction, and Robert Schwier pressed the photo trigger a second time. Before the "flying saucer" rapidly disappeared from view, the young man managed to take a third and final picture. The entire observation lasted no more than 45 seconds. According to Robert, the diameter of the object is from 5 to 8 meters. He did not notice any windows, mechanisms, or other features.

Flying Saucer

First of all, I could hardly believe that I had seen it all with my own eyes. The object made such maneuvers that would simply be beyond the power of our aircraft. I did not tell anyone about what happened, because apart from the pictures I had no evidence, that is, witnesses.

It was clear to me that the first attempt to publish the pictures would be regarded as a clever falsification. In addition, they seemed to me insufficiently documented. Before this event, I referred to myself as a "non-believer", as it is customary to say.

After everything I saw, I became interested in the problems of ufology and realized that I must certainly inform the public about what had happened. Too often, our military departments pass off UFOs as hallucinations, swamp lights, and other nonsense.

Subsequently, Robert Schwier said:

Robert Schwier submitted his images for examination to the photo engineer and director of ICUFON, Colman von Kevitsky, who made a large magnification of the images in order to be able to compare the grain size of the structures taken. According to the expert, there was a little more than a kilometer between the object and Robert. The lack of sharpness is due to the presence of fog, which is located in the form of a halo around the object and is due to strong solar glare from the metal surface.

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