UAP in the vicinity of Sharapova Okhota and other UFO landings

UAP and other UFO landings near Sharapova Okhota

In any field of knowledge, there are turning points that divide the course of history into "before" and "after", like the launch of the first satellite. For Soviet ufology, such a moment was the landing of a huge UFO on August 20, 1977 in the Moscow region near Sharapova Okhota. After learning about this, the group led by associate professor of MAI Felix Yurievich Siegel moved from simply collecting and analyzing observations of "something" in the sky to studying the physical reality behind the UFO phenomenon.

On December 23, 2019, at the 14th "Inexplicable Meeting" in Moscow, it was possible to gather three participants of those historical events: Yu. G. Simakov, V. N. Vorobyov and L. E. Chulkov. But before we talk about their memories of 42 years ago, let us recall what became the reason for numerous expeditions to the Sharapova Ohota area.

Avid mushroom picker Tyutin Sergey Vasilyevich and two of his friends went to the forest on August 19, 1977 with the intention of spending the night there and continuing the "mushroom hunt" in the morning. Already in the dark they went out into a large field and went to the visible haystacks to spend the night comfortably. Their attention was attracted by suddenly heard voices. It seemed that several people spoke instantly and simultaneously. After a few seconds, the voices disappeared just as suddenly. Mushroom pickers were surprised who could be here at half past midnight? Other mushroom pickers? But they didn't notice anyone in the field. Half an hour later, when they found a suitable place to spend the night, a very large frosted "lamp" with the base down suddenly "lit up", or rather lit up, in a field three hundred meters away from them. It was bright, but the surrounding area was not illuminated.

Lamp on the background of trees. Drawing by S. V. Tyutin.

"Lamp" on the background of trees. Drawing by S. V. Tyutin.

Swinging, the "lamp" went up, swinging, sometimes even lying down horizontally, then straightened into a vertical position, at the same time, as if going up in a spiral. Maybe it was just my imagination, since everything happened in a few seconds. There was no sound, no smell, no wind. High up in the path of this "thing", a rather bright grayish cloud suddenly appeared and immediately everything disappeared: both the cloud and the "lamp", which by that time was already visible as a large bright star.

The scheme of the take-off of the object. Reconstruction of R. G. Varlamov.

The scheme of the take-off of the object. Reconstruction of R. G. Varlamov.

In the morning, mushroom pickers rushed to the place where this "thing" rose from. There was a circle with a diameter of about 4 m with heavily trampled soil, as if a weight, large and heavy, stood in this place. The dent was about 5 cm deep . It remained unchanged until the end of September, when S. V. Tyutin visited this place again. The safety of the dent surprised him: early autumn in the Moscow region was rainy.

UFO weird

S. V. Tyutin on November 6, 1977 at the UFO landing site (in the center).

Object parameters. Reconstruction of R. G. Varlamov.

Object parameters. Reconstruction of R. G. Varlamov.

On November 6, 1977, Siegel's group made the first "sortie" to the landing site in the Sharapova Okhota. Among them were three participants of the "Unexplained Meeting".

Yuri Georgievich Simakov, Doctor of Biological Sciences and professor of the Department of Bioecology and Ichthyology of MGUTU, spoke about the methods he developed for studying UFO landing sites with the help of living organisms. The most effective way was to study the simplest microorganisms contained in the soil. The UFO had a sterilizing effect on the soil, and when trying to bring microorganisms to the landing site in a flask, the difference in their vital activity compared to control samples was clearly visible. The wingless fruit flies sitting quietly in a locked box at the landing site became excited. This effect was repeated several times, until finally the fruit flies got used to the abnormal radiation. Taking samples on Sharapova's Hunt with the help of a grid dividing the plot into equal squares, Y. Simakov discovered a strange invisible structure in the form of rings or spirals. The presence of this structure was confirmed with the help of biolocation frames. The grass in that place at the green aboveground part had charred roots. Everyone paid attention to the excessive "curiosity" of the dogs: they seemed to be tied to the place indicated by Tyutin for several hours, constantly sniffing at something, digging with their paws, thrusting their muzzles into the snow.

The impact of the landing site was also felt by people – fatigue set in there very quickly, someone had a heartache, conjunctivitis appeared. Many ufologists complained of depressed mood and sleep disorder.

Nuclear chemist Vitaly Nikolaevich Vorobyov, former president of the Obninsk Association for Anomalous Phenomena, himself managed well with the biolocation framework. He said he wouldn't wish anyone to be there. But at the site of another UFO landing near Moscow, on June 11, 1977, near the Podrezkovo station (Siegel's group became aware of it only in 1978), V. Vorobyov was cured of an extremely unpleasant illness received while working with the fuel elements of nuclear reactors. While he was working at the site, found independently with the help of biolocation frames, pus gushed out of the body. Since then, the disease, because of which Vitaly Nikolaevich survived four serious operations, no longer bothered him.

A UFO seen in Podrezkovo by two employees of the Ostankino television center.

A UFO seen in Podrezkovo by two employees of the Ostankino television center.

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy Lev Evgenievich Chulkov recalled an unsuccessful attempt to investigate the landing site of a UFO even before the trip to Sharapova Hunting. At the request of Siegel, he and V. N. Vorobyov came to the Durnovsky farm in the Volgograd region, but the locals, mistaking them for KGB officers, flatly refused to talk or show the landing place. After driving around the farm by car, the members of the amateur expedition finally found a suspicious circle with a diameter of about 8 meters with three holes like traces of supports located at the vertices of an isosceles triangle. As the participants of the outing admitted at the "Inexplicable Meeting", they did not even have a tape measure to accurately measure the circle. They didn't bother to take samples either. The expedition ended in nothing, except for interesting UFO stories recorded along the way. One tractor driver recalled that he saw the object fly over the proposed landing site when he was still plowing on a Fordzon tractor, that is, before the war.

In conclusion, Lev Evgenievich told about his books on mathematics and anomalous phenomena. He assured the audience that he had deduced formulas that allow to calculate the position of celestial bodies more accurately than those used in modern astronomy, and also criticized the theory of relativity.

F. Y. Siegel during a visit to Sharapova Hunting.

F. Y. Siegel during a visit to Sharapova Okhota.

Unfortunately, the discussion that ensued in the hall, especially after Y. Simakov's attempt to criticize the "anthropocentric" attitude to the UFO phenomenon, went beyond the normal polemic. Yuri Georgievich tried to say that members of a highly developed civilization do not necessarily have a personal presence on Earth and that they can appear here in the form of some form of remote presence, as in the movie "Avatar", while their real bodies are safe on their home planet. This sound reasoning was taken with hostility by many viewers. Questions asked by the audience L. E. Chulkova and V. N. Vorobyov also had to be excluded from the final version of the video report about the 14th "Unexplained Meeting". The unpreparedness of the public to meet with ufologists of the "Siegel school", fortunately, did not prevent us from getting an idea of how Soviet ufology first moved from words to deeds that have not been surpassed to this day.

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