Travel to space on a flying saucer

Travel to space on a flying saucer

Just after lunchtime on 7 July 1957, Signore Luciano Galli, a businessman from the suburbs of Rome, was on his way back to work when a Black Fiat drew up. Although a small man with delicate features was driving, it was the tall, swarthy passenger, a man with piercing black eyes, who said "Do you remember me?"

Italy UFO 1957

This provoked a strange response. Suddenly, Galli recalled having seen the stranger in the streets of Rome and had felt oddly drawn to him, but he had vanished into the throng. Galli said, "I remember you."

Sitting in his black car, the man asked, "Would you like to come with us?" When the witness asked where to, the man smiled, replying, "'Have confidence. Nothing will happen to you." At that, Galli climbed into the car, which drove off to the Croara Ridge on the outskirts of the Italian capital where they found a saucer-shaped UFO

A "cylinder" dropped down from underneath, which then opened up like a door. After the tall man took the witness inside, the cylinder ascended into the bowels of the UFO, and two intense lights flashed in his face.

"Don't be afraid", said the stranger with a laugh. "We have just taken your picture".

Then the UFO shot away from the ground, which Galli could see disappearing fast beneath them through a sort of lens-like window in the floor. Almost immediately they were beyond the Earth's atmosphere, rapidly approaching a massive cigar-shaped UFO that Galli estimated to be at least 2,000 feet (600 m) long, and had an intensely bright light at one end, with portholes through which yet more UFOs could be seen leaving and entering.

Flying saucer 1957

The alien said, "This is one of four our spaceships." They entered the "mothership" where they disembarked. Galli stared around him, saying later, " There were no less than four or five hundred people there... standing and walking around". The aliens took him on a tour of the ship, showing him the control room the lounges, a comprehensive library, and the captain's personal quarters. then, not quite four hours later he was back on Earth, where he had started from. Despite the sensational nature of his experience, Galli said stoutly, " I don't care what anybody says. The story is true. You can believe it if you wish."

Assuming that the story was largely true in that Signor Galli was not deliberately lying, but describing the experience accurately as he had perceived it, what was going on? Who was the swarthy-skinned stranger whom the witness seemed to know already?  Although he sounds superficially very similar to the sinister Men in Black, he did not arrive after the event to warn the witness off telling anyone about it, but actively encouraged Luciano Galli to have the experience as in many other contactee stories, the choice of the witness seems almost arbitrary and pointless, for although they may be decent upright citizens, the people who are chosen are without real influence in the world.

cigar-shaped ufo

The description of the mothership is interesting because it seems to predate the great evocative images of lesser UFOs entering and leaving such a gigantic vessel - as in the Star Trek and, more impressively, the Star Wars, movies - but of course, they came much later. This was just one of a wave of UFO sightings and apparent contact with their occupants that happened in 1957.

A source: The mammoth book of UFOs by Lynn Picknett

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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