Three-meter humanoids of Lake Baikal

Three-meter humanoids of Lake Baikal

Baikal is full of mysteries. Buryats revere him as a deity, legends tell about the events of antiquity, as if it were yesterday, but insidious currents, night lights, frequent earthquakes can frighten anyone. This is on the tourist Olkhon during the day, it's not scary to listen to the stories of guides, and the summer nights are so clear, quiet that doubt creeps in involuntarily: maybe everyone is lying about this wonderful lake? And there are no terrible storms here, no hurricane wind blowing out of the gorge of the Sarma River, and dozens of people do not die here every year. And yet the real Baikal is not at all as "kind" as it seems at first glance.

The story about the" black divers " of Lake Baikal can be read in the books of the famous submariner and ufologist Vladimir Azhaza. It says literally the following: in 1982, regular planned exercises of military divers were held on Lake Baikal. Where exactly everything was covered with darkness. Everyone is inclined to believe that it was in the north.

While working out the task at a depth of 50 meters, the divers noticed some humanoids whose outlines were very similar to people, but the three-meter length of the bodies indicated that they were not people in front of the military. Actually, the silhouettes of the humanoids were not black, but silver and they had some transparent spheres on their heads: they looked like "ichthyanders (frogmen)". The humanoids were immediately reported to the commanders, and one of them allegedly decided to catch the "animal" for the authorities at all costs.

Baikal humanoids

However, unknown swimmers were not going to give up, they easily threw military divers, and they did it with such force that they allegedly immediately threw them to the surface. As a result, three divers died from the caisson disease. Four more managed to undergo treatment in the pressure chamber. At first glance, everything sounds pretty crazy.

Local journalist Sergey Volkov took up the debunking of this strange story. He contacted the city of Severobaikalsky, which really has a special base, where divers from the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Ministry of Emergency Situations work out deep-sea dives in freshwater. As expected, the management of the facility called it "complete nonsense". Firstly, there have been no deaths among divers in the entire history of the base, and secondly, this history itself dates back 25 years — the base was founded in 1996.

But does this mean that there were no divers on Lake Baikal in 1982? During the Great Patriotic War, a part of the Balaklava Naval Diving College was evacuated to the town in the south of Lake Baikal — Slyudyanka. The cadets were placed in the recreation center "Railwayman", a special pier was built for their training, and part of the equipment was flooded at the bottom of the lake, on which they practiced rescue operations, laying explosives and sabotage. The winter of 1942-1943 turned out to be fierce, and military divers willy-nilly had to practice diving in extreme conditions. The lanes cut through the ice were quickly covered with ice, the bourgeoisie, which was heated without interruptions in tents installed above the lanes, did not help. Only in 1944, the divers returned to the warm Black Sea.

But the history of military divers on Lake Baikal was interrupted for a short time. Already in 1976, during the construction of the BAM (Baikal-Amur Mainline), a division of 12 patrol boats appeared there. Maybe divers also trained at the base of this division? They could well have come from other regions.

Fishermen confirm: "There are swimmers!"

Surprisingly, local historians treat this story more than carefully. For example, a well-known local historian in Buryatia, Alexey Tivanenko, believes that the divers could really see something. And these did not seal carcasses.

In his article "Traces of real extraterrestrial life on Lake Baikal", he points out that local fishermen took the fables about "silver swimmers" seriously. For example, a fisherman Nikolai Kireev from the village of Kultuk, which is forty kilometers from Slyudyanka, told a local historian that in the 1990s he once fished with his comrades at the Circum-Baikal railway, which stretches from Kultuk to the port of Baikal. I must say that Lake Baikal in this place breaks off to a depth of almost 1400 meters immediately abruptly near the shore. If you fall overboard here, you will not escape death, even in summer the water temperature in such places is not higher than three degrees. If you don't swim to the shore, your heart will stop.

And in the middle of the night, huge silvery bodies began to jump out of the icy depths of the lake, as if playing. The fishermen were scared: as if these creatures did not turn their motorboat over. After throwing the nets and somehow starting the engine, they retreated to the village and never fished at the "Krugobaikalka" again. However, from the shore, Kireev showed Tivanenko the place where it happened. The local historian was also told about this case by other fishermen who were with Kireev. But of all the witnesses, only Kireev soon remained alive — the others somehow quickly died.

It is known that the researchers who studied Lake Baikal in 2008-2009 on the Mir deep-sea vehicles took the story of Tivanenko seriously. Tivanenko was on an expedition and went down to Lake Baikal himself. According to him, it happened in the place where the military divers just collided with the "swimmers". However, the meeting did not happen at that time.

Then the saucers fly, then the lakes say

The local historian admits: there are many strange phenomena on Lake Baikal — and there is a glow from the depths, and there are blood-curdling sounds, and wandering lights over the water can be seen if you pass a couple of nights by the campfire on the shore.

Tivanenko himself saw a UFO on the lake three times: once from the window of his own dacha at the Boyarsk station — it was a huge white ball on the surface of the lake. It did not move or drift and did not look like a gas release. The second time it happened was on a warm summer evening in Tanhui. "Something small and black" fell from the sky at high speed. It was supposed to fall into the lake, but before reaching the water surface a few meters, it abruptly changed its trajectory and flew over Lake Baikal. The local historian and his companions — about 10 people expected that the object would now crash into fishing boats, but it suddenly disappeared, as if it had never been. And while walking along the Circum-Baikal railway, Tivanenko once saw a cigar-shaped object of silver-orange color, which flew out from the Tunka Valley, flew over the surface of Lake Baikal, and retired to the Khamar-Daban ridge. The local historian defined its dimensions as 200 meters in length and about 50 meters in width. Over Lake Baikal, a UFO released three spherical objects that flew apart. Later, Tivanenko learned that the same object was seen over Ulan-Ude.

In the old archives, the local historian found two amazing documents. First, he discovered that a similar object appeared over Lake Baikal in 1909. He was seen on the Trans-Baikal railway-the object was moving towards Lake Baikal.

And about the" swimmers", Tivanenko found a story from a hundred years ago by a Tobolsk peasant Kuzma Morokov, who reported that his friend was a Baikal Pomeranian Fedche Tarazane (apparently, Fedor, Fedcha. - Ed. Life) told me that there are "pharaohs" in Lake Baikal. Once these "pharaohs" got so excited that they sank the ship. Then the villagers guessed and, throwing a strong seine into Lake Baikal, pulled about fifty "pharaohs" to the shore. The "pharaohs" were just like people: "the head, hands and everything human, and legs, only where the paws are, they have grown together here, and the tail of a fish." The villagers whipped the " pharaohs "with rods and "threw them into the sea". After this incident, the "pharaohs" went to another place.

UFO sightings

To believe or not to believe, everyone decides for himself. On the one hand, Tivanenko seems to be a dreamer, on the other a person has enough regalia to take him seriously, and no fewer discoveries. He is one of the founders of the Ethnographic Museum of the Peoples of Transbaikalia. He worked as the director of the State Archive of the Buryat ASSR, a member of the Academic Council of Archivists of Siberia and the Far East. Senior Researcher at the Baikal Institute of Nature Management, Candidate of Historical Sciences, doctoral student. Grave graves of members of the Russian embassy mission Yerofey Zabolotsky, who were killed by the Mongols on Lake Baikal in 1650, found the relics of the local Orthodox Saint Varlaam Chikoysky, discovered the forgotten grave of the Hungarian poet Sandor Petefi in Barguzin, and found many other equally interesting objects-ancient sanctuaries, fortresses, and settlements. That's how not to believe such a person?

According to Tivanenko, the specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, with whom he spoke, took the story of the fisherman seriously and confirmed that the tragedy in 1982 really was. And Tivanenko remembered that he himself met the military on Lake Baikal in the Barguzin Bay in that distant year. When asked what they were doing here, the soldiers answered evasively: they say they study the reservoir's depths because "scientists-limnologists do not know everything about its underwater life."

The words of the local historian are indirectly confirmed by the author of the book "Military sailors on Lake Baikal" Alexander Kolotilo, who speaks about an unusual surge of interest in Lake Baikal since the 1960s: then geographers and cartographers appeared on the shores of the lake again, and research vessels began to plow the waters of the lake.

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