The 1975 Wurtsmith Air Force Base Incident

What happened at Wurtsmith Air Force Base in 1975

In October and November 1975, there was another series of extraordinary violations of airspace, this time along the northern border of the United States, affecting a number of military bases from Montana to Maine. Invasions also occurred throughout most of 1976. All of them remain unexplained to this day in any conventional sense of the word. 

Incident Wurtsmith

On the evening of October 31, 1975, at the Wurtsmith Air Base in Michigan, a pilot saw something near the southern edge of the base that looked like the lights of a low-flying vehicle heading west, presumably a helicopter. One light source was located below, and two red lights were closer to the stern. The object moved silently or very quietly.

Sometime later, other witnesses saw several lights at the western edge of the base. The lights turned north and seemed to be losing altitude. Most did not hear anything, although some claim that they heard a quiet sound similar to the sound of a helicopter, but it quickly disappeared. Then, three times over the course of 11 minutes, the police guard at the gate reported that an object with lights off - possibly a helicopter - flew into the base and hovered very low over the armories. Radar operators have detected low-flying objects (plural) in the area. At the northern perimeter of the base, one of the objects turned on the lights for a moment.

The incident at Wortsmith Air Force Base in 1975

The KC-135 tanker aircraft was flying to the base at that time. The crew was ordered to intercept and identify the object or objects. The crew determined that the first single object was located about 35 miles southeast of the base. However, they soon decided that they were seeing two objects that were apparently communicating with each other with irregular flashing lights. The radar could not continuously track objects for longer than 10 seconds. Whenever they tried to detect them, the objects simply left.

The crew lost objects among the lights of fishing vessels in Saginaw Bay, after which the plane turned back on its course. Four years later, the navigator of the aircraft told the chronicler of the base about how this story ended:

On the way back, we again spotted a UFO in the direction of eight o'clock. We turned away, but he followed us. In the end, we turned back to the UFO, and this time it really flew back towards the bay. I know it may seem crazy, but according to my estimate, the UFO sped away from us at a speed of about 2000 km/h. We continued to fly to the bay until RAPCON (radar installation) called us again and said that they had spotted a UFO four to five kilometers along the coastline, which was moving in a westerly direction. They showed us the vector of movement to the UFO, and we headed there, but we ran out of fuel and had to return to Wurtsmith. I remember that at the end we saw the lights again near the armories. After the mission, we spent a whole week discussing what had happened, and a week later Captain Higginbotham was interrogated (by counterintelligence) and warned us to stop talking. 

The quote:

Perhaps it was a helicopter using advanced technology? If so, then its capabilities exceed those of the most advanced helicopter in the world, the newly developed Apache model. But a huge machine like the Apache cannot repeat today what unknown intruders did over the base in Wurtsmith. And, of course, the question still remains: who is responsible for this?

The incident at Wortsmith Air Force Base in 1975 download report The incident at Wortsmith Air Force Base in 1975 download report

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