Exploring the mythical tale of cunning snakes vanquished by a mysterious flying death star in Ancient Egypt

Unveiling the Mythic Narrative: how intelligent snakes from Egyptian folklore met their demise through the power of a Flying Death Star

A brief retelling of the myth: all the sailors drowned during a storm, except for one Egyptian who woke up on a strange island where the last intelligent snake lived.

Some fragments of the myth suggest interesting reflections. First, it is the size of the mysterious reptile (we will need them later) - and they are amazing. Here is how the surviving sailor describes his misadventures.

The Egyptian myth of intelligent snakes killed by a flying Death Star

The trees were cracking, the ground was shaking. When I opened my face, I saw that the serpent was approaching me. Its length is thirty cubits. His beard is more than two cubits long. His scales are of gold, his eyebrows are of lapis lazuli, his body is curved upwards.

The quote:

What an interesting snake in this myth... According to the signs, he looks like a mythical golden Chinese dragon with a thick beard and thick eyebrows. However, the Egyptians, in certain cases, depicted sacred snakes with small beards. It seems that the ancient East Asian and Egyptian legends about huge reptiles come from the same source.

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Let's return to the myth. And secondly, there is a mention in the myth of a certain star that brought death to the entire snake brood. This is what the last serpent told the man:

I lived here with my brothers and children, there were seventy-five snakes with my children and brothers, not counting the little daughter, whom I got for myself by prayer. And then a star fell and hit them. It happened when I wasn't there - I wasn't among them. I almost died when I found them all in one pile of burned bodies...

The quote:

I wonder what kind of star it was that burned seventy-five huge creatures at once?! - let's remember about the size of the snake. What an accurate and effective hit and what a powerful striking factor! And here I remember another ancient Egyptian myth, where Sekhmet, the terrible eye of the god Ra, cuts off the head of the snake-Apop. In other words, it kills this snake. In this case (the myth of the Snake Island), this defeat of the snake by a star resembles a real heavenly punishment, in the literal sense of the word!

Let's rewind the myth a little bit and focus on the details. The surviving sailor mentions waves of eight cubits, and he gives the size of the snake at thirty cubits (these are important comparative figures for estimating the scale):

And now the wind is getting stronger, and the waves are eight cubits high. And then the mast fell into the wave, and the ship was lost, and no one survived except me.

The quote:

That is, judging by the retelling, there can be no confusion in the size - the waves are large, and the snakes are even larger than these waves-at least three times. And all this huge "snake pit" (seventy-five "brothers and children") is covered with one precise blow by a certain "star". We can draw an unambiguous conclusion: the explosion was really of great power.

What struck the intelligent snakes? Somehow, it is hard to believe in a random hit of a "crazy" meteorite...

Of course, ancient sources that tell about the past of peoples sometimes include fictional stories in their folklore. But in this case, it seems to me, this story echoes other ancient myths of peoples living at a considerable distance from Egypt - where ancient gods or heroes fought with reptiles (dragons).

Why were such myths popular among the ancient peoples?...

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