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The ancient Earthlings fought with the space aliens?!

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The ancient Earthlings fought with the space aliens?!

Scientists are increasingly coming to the conclusion that many thousands of years ago there was a nuclear war between the ancient inhabitants of the Earth Asuras and space aliens, which led to an ecological catastrophe and a change in living conditions on our planet. There are many confirmations of this hypothesis. A lot of traces of radiation have been found on Earth. Animals and humans have mutations that cause cyclops (cyclops have a single eye above the bridge of the nose). From the legends of various peoples, you can learn about the existence of cyclopes fighting with people.

Wars of the aliens

Secondly, radiation leads to polyploidy - a doubling of the chromosome set, which causes gigantism and doubling of organs: two hearts or two rows of teeth. Scientists periodically find the remains of giant skeletons with a double row of teeth on Earth.

The third direction of radioactive mutagenesis is Mongoloidness. Although even now this race is the most common on Earth, earlier there were much more Mongoloids - they were found in Europe, in Sumeria, in Egypt, and even in Central Africa.

Another confirmation of radioactive mutagenesis is the birth of freaks and children with atavisms (a return to the ancestors). Radiation leads to six-fingered, which occurs in Japanese survivors of the American nuclear bombing, as well as in newborns of Chernobyl.

More than a hundred craters with a diameter of 2-3 kilometers have been found on Earth, among which there are two huge ones: in South America (diameter - 40 km) and in South Africa (diameter - 120 km). If they were formed in the Paleozoic era (350 million years ago), then nothing would have been left of them for a long time, since the thickness of the upper layer of the Earth increases by about a meter in a hundred years. And the funnels are still intact. This suggests that a nuclear strike occurred 25-35 thousand years ago. Taking 100 craters for 3 km, we get that 5000 Mt of bombs were blown up during the war with the Asuras.

Vredefort Crater

Vredefort Crater

These facts confirm that there was a nuclear war. The fire burned "for three days and three nights" (as the "Code of Rio" of the Maya people narrates) and led to a nuclear rain - where the bombs did not fall, radiation fell. Another terrible phenomenon caused by radiation is light burns of the body. They are explained by the fact that the shock wave propagates not only along with the earth but also upwards. Reaching the stratosphere destroys the ozone layer that protects the Earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet is known to burn unprotected areas of the skin. Nuclear explosions caused a significant decrease in pressure and poisoning of the gas composition of the atmosphere, killing the survivors.

nuclear war with aliens

The Asuras tried to escape death in their underground cities, but heavy rains and earthquakes destroyed shelters and drove the inhabitants back to the surface of the earth. Previously, scientists believed that the "pipes" operating in our time, going from caves to the surface of the earth, have a natural origin. In fact, they are made using laser weapons to smoke out asuras who have taken refuge in dungeons. These "pipes" have a regular rounded shape, which is unusual for craters of natural origin (there are many of them in the caves of the Perm region (Russia), including in the vicinity of the city of Kungur).

Now it is clear why tunnels thousands of kilometers long have been dug all over the planet, found in the Altai, the Urals, the Tien Shan, the Caucasus, in the Sahara and Gobi deserts, in North and South America. Perhaps lasers were used not only for smoking out asuras. As soon as the laser beam reached the molten underground layer, magma erupted, eventually forming volcanoes of artificial origin.

Those who remained in the dungeon gradually lost their sight (everyone knows the epic about Svyatogor, whose father lived in the dungeon and did not come to the surface because he was blind). The descendants of the Asuras were reduced in size to dwarfs, about whom there are many legends. The stunted creatures have survived to the present day, and they have not only black but also white skin (Menehets of Guinea, the Dopa and Hama peoples, a little more than a meter tall, living in Tibet).

Laser beam UFO

There are two dunes of mineral substances located near Sterlitamak (a city in Bashkiria, Russia). Grave graves are probably two Asuras; there are a lot of similar graves on Earth. But some Asuras have survived to this day. The commission on anomalous phenomena in the 70s received reports of meetings with giants as tall as a 40-storey building. The footsteps of these titans were accompanied by a strong rumble, and their feet sank deep into the ground.

As for life underground, it is possible. According to geologists, there is more water underground than in the entire World Ocean, underground seas, lakes, and rivers have been found there. Scientists have suggested that the waters of the World Ocean are connected with the underground, and there is not only a water cycle between them but also an exchange of biological species. In order for the underground biosphere to be self-sufficient, there must be plants that emit oxygen and decompose carbon dioxide. But photosynthesis, it turns out, can also occur in complete darkness, it is enough only to pass a weak electric current of a certain frequency through the earth. In places where heat reaches the Earth's surface, forms of thermal life have been found that do not need light. Perhaps they can be both unicellular and multicellular, and even reach a high level of development.


The appearance of dinosaurs on Earth (for example, the Loch Ness monster) suggests that creatures living underground sometimes come to the surface to "graze". Many floating creatures from the time of the Asurian biosphere may have found salvation underground. Reports of dinosaurs appearing in the oceans, seas, and lakes are evidence of creatures penetrating from the underground that have found a haven there.

According to history, the asuras were big and strong, but they were ruined by gullibility and simplicity. The gods with the help of deception defeated the Asuras and drove them underground and to the bottom of the oceans. Pyramids scattered all over the planet (in Egypt, Mexico, Tibet, India) indicate that the culture was united, and the earthlings had no grounds for war among themselves. Those who are called gods appeared from the sky, they are aliens from outer space, and the nuclear conflict was most likely cosmic.

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