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The abduction of Orlando Jorge Ferraudi by aliens

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The abduction of Orlando Jorge Ferraudi by aliens

The Argentine Orlando Jorge Ferraudi was abducted in 1956 or 1965 (it is not known for certain, there are two versions of this story).

During night fishing on the shore. Suddenly, a light-skinned humanoid two meters tall in a shiny tight-fitting jumpsuit approached the man, and then he and his associates forcibly brought Orlando aboard their disc-shaped UFO.

The abduction of Orlando Jorge Ferraudi by aliens

This flying saucer then took off and flew over the ocean, and turned out to be over the Gulf of Mexico. There the UFO went underwater and Orlando saw that he was taken to a huge underwater dome. This structure looked like a huge "Eskimo igloo", and the aliens told Orlando that their base for UFO repairs was located there.

Then they began to tell him that for thousands of years, genetic experiments on people have also been carried out in such databases. It turns out that the planet Earth was considered a kind of zoo for many alien races, where animals from other worlds were brought and adapted to life on Earth with the help of genetic experiments.

Logically speaking, such a story may turn out to be true. We have been researching UFOs for a long time, and we know that a huge number of unidentified flying objects appear out of the water and go there. And not so long ago, the Pentagon revealed material with a sensational video, also about UFOs and water. A huge part of the ocean is still unexplored, and there may well be alien bases there. As for genetic experiments, we want to note that even the human species is not so adapted to survival in the wild in terms of a set of characteristics. And the survival conditions of our species are largely due to the presence of developed intelligence in the human race. There's a lot to think about.

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